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Alex Newman: Growing Push to Teach Bible in Government Schools

by Alex Newman

WILLIAMSTOWN, Kentucky — Across America, states are looking to Kentucky for guidance on teaching the Bible in government schools without arousing the wrath of lawless federal courts determined to stamp out God’s Word.

Under a bill signed two years ago, students in Kentucky are allowed to take elective Bible classes at government schools, provided the Bible is not presented as the inerrant Word of God—a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith.

After Kentucky, Georgia and Arkansas passed similar legislation. At least 10 others have introduced bills to do the same. Project Blitz is leading the charge nationwide.

The idea is to ensure that students understand their heritage as well as the foundations of their civilization and the great literature of the Western world, supporters say.

However, the Bible will not be taught as God’s Word due to rogue federal court decisions purporting to outlaw that. And many Christians have expressed concerns that anti-Christian zealots would use the course to demonize Scripture and those who believe it.

Still, supporters said it was important to allow children to be exposed to the Bible.

“It really did set the foundation that our Founding Fathers used to develop documents like the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,” Kentucky Rep. D.J. Johnson (R-Owensboro) was quoted as saying by local news service WDRB when the bill passed there. “All of those came from principles from the Bible.”

Governor Matt Bevin, who has developed a national reputation as a true conservative, also expressed strong support for the measure when he signed it in June of 2017.

“The idea that we would not want this to be an option for people in school, that would be crazy. I don’t know why every state would not embrace this, why we as a nation would not embrace this,” the governor told supporters at the bill signing. “You could be an atheist, and you would appreciate there’s a lot of wisdom in the Bible.”

Under the legislation, local school boards are allowed to offer an elective course on Bible literacy as part of the “social studies” curriculum.

The measure was approved overwhelmingly by the state legislature. And across America, the idea is tremendously popular.

Even President Trump has expressed support. “Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible,” he tweeted in January. “Starting to make a turn back? Great!”

On the other side of the debate, the ACLU and various other fringe far-left organizations are foaming at the mouth in outrage. The increasingly unhinged Washington Post even claimed it was “unconstitutional.”

The Takeaway

The Supreme Court never had the power to ban Bible reading and prayer in schools. And it certainly did not have the power to establish the dangerous false religion of humanism using government schools to conscript children.

Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American, covering economics, education, politics, and more. He can be reached at anewman@thenewamerican.com. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook

“Gotta Value Life”

“Gotta Value Life”- “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.”

by Bill Lockwood

One Congressman after another has been on television pleading for cessation of violence in the aftermath of the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and members of the congressional police force. “The violence has got to stop.” This in the wake of Wednesday’s shooting in Alexandria, VA as James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois opened fire on the GOP baseball team as it practiced.

Hodgkinson is a solid socialist who, according to Smoking Gun, “posted a link to a Change.org petition in late March that included the notation that, ‘Trump is a Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co.” On various Facebook posts Hodgkinson expressed his radical leftist views. He even belonged to one group called “Terminate the Republican Party.” Hodgkinson had come to kill as many Republicans as possible.

In a similar vein, little Jeffrey Laney of St. Louis posted a Facebook Live (see below) last week in which the 6-year-old expressed his fears in the 4-minute post. “People need to stop killing each other around here because this is just making me feel bad,” Jeffrey says in the video. “I’m really serious. I’m really scared to die, and I’m really scared for my family to die. I’m scared.” His mother commented that Americans “Gotta value life.”

As much as we all agree with the sentiment of little Laney and the Congressmen who cry for cessation of violence, it sadly appears that these incidents will not stop, but continue to escalate. Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit (Matt. 7:17). Americans have been sowing to the wind and we are just beginning to reap the whirlwind.

Rejection of God

George Washington’s well-known statement of religion in government reads: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” Washington recognized that “national morality could not prevail in exclusion of religious principles.” America, however, has purposefully, with malice aforethought, excluded Christian values.

God and His absolute moral standard was premeditatedly removed from the public sphere in the early 1960’s. The Bible was outlawed in public schools, public prayer to Almighty God has been forbidden, “God” has been effectively ejected from every classroom except the collegiate ones in which He is mocked. It has become a liability for students under the tutelage of humanistic and Marxist professors to mention God. Predictably, immorality has skyrocketed in every single category that is measurable. Liberalism has destroyed any ethical framework in which to live.

Consider: births to unwed teenage mothers continues to rise dramatically; violent behavior has far outdistanced population growth, even being glorified in the media; sexually transmitted diseases explode in growth; divorce has skyrocketed as American families have become an unrecognizable conglomerate instead of a godly unit; the American culture is the first in world history to officially recognize homosexual marriages; our populace devours its young through abortion; and children grow up without fathers in the home.

These are the fruits of a godless society. We cannot continue to instill godless Marxism into the hearts and minds of the next generation without expecting the people to act like the devil. Sooner or later people begin to live consistently with the concepts that have been taught.

John Adams, Signer of the Declaration of Independence; One of Two Signers of the Bill of Rights; Second President of the United States, put it plainly: “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Our beloved republic is in dire peril. More laws and increased availability to healthcare is not the answer. The problem is beyond fixing by mere memorized slogans and public pleadings. There is only one viable solution: A deep repentance and turning to God by the people of the American Republic. Without this we are doomed, for without God, there is no absolute value to life.

Tom DeWeese: Featured Guest Editorialist

Patriots vs. Politicians – “Where are the heroes for today’s young people to admire?”

by Tom DeWeese

Many of the younger generation must be truly bewildered over the emotions older Americans display when expressing love, devotion, respect and reverence for our country. A tear in the eye for a patriotic song… a hand over the heart as the national anthem plays… a salute to the flag as it passes in a parade. Why would we older folks do that?

What frame of reference could younger Americans possibly have? Patriotism, nationalism – even American citizenship are taboo in today’s school curriculum. Globalism, diversity, and political correctness trump real history, sound economics, and science. Communism is just another economic system. The Founding Fathers are simply old, dead slave-owning white guys. The UN’s Declaration on Human Rights trumps the Declaration of Independence.

Where are the heroes for today’s young people to admire? Principled leaders who understood the roots of America’s greatness now are replaced by blow-dried sound-byte kings whose professional campaign staffs understand only how to maneuver a special interest group or a voting block. How can young people make decisions in the voting booth? Who can they choose? Are there any candidates who offer anything other than meaningless gibberish?

If today’s young people could learn some of the history that brings the older generation a sense of pride then they could be helped to understand that ordinary people in history knew that there were life principles worth sacrificing or even dying for. Perhaps they could help demand a better future for themselves.

Tom DeWeese’s book, “Erase: A Political Thriller”

Here are three little known examples from three separate eras of our nation’s history which demonstrate how Americans once thought. They are examples of how we as a nation once stood proud, ready to defend ideals to the death if necessary. And these examples clearly show why the rest of the world understood that such unwavering devotion to those ideals meant our word was true. Our steadfast principles of freedom clearly showed the rest of the world that America offered the human race something different, something wonderful. Our unmatched freedoms meant that Americans were more secure, more prosperous and happier than any people in history.

Perhaps, through the following  examples, today’s young Americans will understand that the tear in an eye or the hand over a heart expressed by the older generation wasn’t for a flag or a song. That show of emotion is really for the brave actions taken by the men and women which resulted in making the flags and the songs symbols of freedom.

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The Greatness of America

The Greatness of America

by Bill Lockwood

With western education purposefully excluding God or deriding deity in its treatment of American history, very “few Americans appreciate those traits of our common heritage that gave rise to the greatest nation in the history of the world,” observed Warren McFarren in 1989. Fewer still understand the principles that have undergirded our nation which have made it the envy of the world; the principles which now have been under constant assault for over 100 years and are threatening to make America only a distant memory in the dustbin of forgotten nations.

That which is good about America, derived from our earliest beginnings, has transformed a virtually uninhabited continent into a prosperous nation. The noble principles that made our nation great are enshrined” in the Declaration of Independence and the Federal Constitution.

That which is bad has been forced upon America at an ever-accelerating rate since the adoption of our Constitution. The very survival of our civilization now depends upon our ability to recognize and understand some of these influences—good and bad—that have helped to shape America.”

Rejection of Collectivism

At Plymouth Rock in December 1620 the Pilgrims established a colony “for the glory of God.” After a brief experimentation with collectivism in both Massachusetts Bay as well as Jamestown, Virginia (1607) the colonists flatly rejected this system in order to embrace the God-inspired concept of Individualism. “Collectivism” is the political theory emphasizing collective control of property and production while “Individualism” emphasizes that each person has rights granted by God, including private property and the means of production.

Socialism” is the broad theoretical category that includes any of the various concepts advocating collective or government ownership over means of production, property, or distribution of goods. Early colonists discovered that socialism results in poverty, starvation, little productivity, and even death. Only rugged individualism, private property and free enterprise served as necessary alternatives in order to the preservation of mankind and society as a whole.

How Did Early Settlers Discover This about Socialism?

At Jamestown, Captain Ralph Hamor was one of the original colonists to settle Virginia and the first secretary of the colony. When he returned to London in 1615 he wrote his famous A True Discourse of the Present State of Virginia and the Success of the Affairs There Til the 18 of June 1614. In it he noted that the colony immediately became ten times more productive after the adoption of private property rights and individualism.

According to Captain John Smith, also present in Jamestown, the hallmark of the colony under the socialist system was “idleness.” As one writer put it, “To the puzzlement of historians, the starving settlers shirked from catching fish and growing food.” This is the nature of collective ownership. Personal responsibility before God is weakened.

In 1614 in Jamestown, Governor Dale began assigning three-acre plots to settlers, who became personally responsible for the fruits of their own labor. Individualism and the free-market were needed. According to John Smith, this improved productivity sevenfold. “When our people were fed out of the common store, and labored jointly together, glad was he that could slip from his labor, or slumber over his task he cared not how, nay, the most honest among them would hardly take so much true pains in a week, as now for themselves they will do in a day…” (Liberty, Property and The Law; Private and Common Property, ed. Richard Epstein).

William Bradford, the leader of the Plymouth Colony of Massachusetts, chronicled the same experience. Under the socialist system of state-owned property members of the Plantation neared starvation. Only after a decided rejection of this godless system and an adoption of individual responsibility was a remarkable recovery at hand. Bradford even remarked that the Pilgrims came to regard socialism as a form of “injustice” and as a kind of slavery.

How different it is today! From the oval office to the collegiate lecture hall, professors who have benefitted and profited from our heritage of freedom have used their positions to denounce the free market and personal responsibility. Naïve students are stirred to march for a massive redistribution of goods and services mislabeled Social Justice. They will discover, as they did at Plymouth Plantation, that socialism breeds hunger and want. Unless, of course, the collective train can be derailed before it reaches its final destination. But this requires opening minds; something extremely difficult to do.

Specifically, what were the features of socialism which earned so much disfavor with the colonists to America?

First, collectivism breeds laziness. As noted above, only when the colonists reflected upon a God-centered world-view in which man is honored as a private property owner did the economy improve. Commandments of God against theft, for example, assume the ownership of property. This understanding is traced back to their view of the Bible itself. The Puritans had originally left England because they believed that the Word of God, not the king, should be the final authority in matters of faith and life.

Second, and more pointedly, socialism ignores the true nature of man. Because of the sin of mankind, humans cannot be expected to labor for no personal reward. This is why goods became scarce and people starved at both Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay. When William Bradford recognized the biblical principle that men ought to enjoy the fruit of their own labor and protect it from forcible government seizure—even for the purpose of redistribution– the colony’s productivity as a whole immediately prospered. This is the artesian spring of America which modernists cannot find because it is rooted in a God-centered worldview.

Third, socialism enshrines envy. Covetousness became more rampant in the collective system. In Bradford’s words: “If it did not cut relations God established among men, it did at least diminish and take mutual respect that should be preserved among men.” How wise is this counsel! Our welfare state, tottering on the brink of financial collapse, is the predictable result because we have actually built disrespect for the property of others into the system. Someone always “owes me something.” “Let the rich pay their fair share!”

Fourth, welfare itself is a form of theft. Forcibly taking the earnings of one person to be given to another for his/her personal benefit is robbery. Now that the state has practiced this thievery for almost 100 years, it is little wonder that violence is boiling over on the streets of the once-peaceful America.

Freedom is not and never has been a secular invention. Our entire nation is founded upon godly concepts and biblical principles. These facts indeed are strange sounding in the ears of our state-run politically-correct educational system where our children are simply taught that Pilgrims are strange people wearing funny hats.

Biblical Christianity gave us the basic fabric of our society. Early Americans were devout believers who based all civil authority on their reading of Scriptures. They posited their individual rights squarely upon religious precepts and planted on American soil virtually every institution of free government with which we are familiar.

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