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American Liberty with Bill Lockwood


January 9, 2016 Scott Landreth (Tenth Amendment Center)

January 16, 2016 Jesse Lee Peterson (Radio Show Host, Founder of Bond)

January 23, 2016 Alex Newman (Writer) & Carl Tepper (Chairman of Lubbock Republican Party)

January 30, 2016 Mat Staver (Founder of Liberty Counsel) & Rick Green (Candidate for Texas Supreme Court)

March 11, 2016 Bill Lockwood Flies Solo

April 2, 2016 Dr. Duke Pesta (Academic Director for Freedom Project Academy)

April 9, 2016 Wayne Allen Root, Carl Tepper & Lee Edwards

April 16, 2016 Bill Lockwood Flies Solo #2

April 23, 2016 Jeff Staggs & Karen Steelmon

April 30, 2016 Tommy Attaway & Ron Hosko

May 7, 2016 Jeff Staggs (Texas Tactical Patriots) & Andre’ Gabriel Esparza (

June 18, 2016 Bill Jasper

June 25, 2016 Tom Deweese (President of the American Policy Center) 

July 2, 2016 Mark Christian (Head of Global Institute)

July 23, 2016 Ron Hosko & Jeff Staggs

July 30, 2016 Danny Koch

August 13, 2016 Jesse Lee Peterson (Radio Show Host, Founder of Bond)

August 20, 2016 Cassie Williams (Federation for American Immigration Reform)

August 27 , 2016 Lee Harvey (Wichita Falls, Texas County Commissioner)

September 3, 2016 Carol Swain (Law Professor-Vanderbilt University)

September 10, 2016 Carl Tepper (Chairman of Lubbock Republican Party)

September 17, 2016 Barbara Harless (North Texas Citizens Lobby)

September 24, 2016 Jody Wesby (CEO of Global Cyber Risk)

October 3, 2016 Dr. Mark Christian (Head of Global Institute)

October 15, 2016  Jim Fitzgerald (Former Policeman & Lecturer) also Pastor Paul Blair

October 22, 2016  Bill Flies Solo

October 29, 2016  James Skinner (Wichita Falls, Texas Tea Party)

November 5 , 2016  Jesse Lee Peterson (Radio Show Host, Founder of Bond)

November 12, 2016  Matt Staver (Founder of Liberty Counsel)

December 3, 2016  Bill Flies Solo

December 17, 2016 Tom Deweese (President of the American Policy Center)

December24, 2016 Charles Perry (Texas State Senator)

Dec 31, 2016 Bill Jasper

January 7, 2017  Bill Flies Solo

January 14, 2017  Scott Landreth

January,21 2017 Alex Neuman & Carl Tepper

February 4, 2017 Matt Staver & Rick Green

February 11, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

February 18, 2017 Rachel Malone & Mark Christian

February 25, 2017 Tom DeWeese

March 4, 2017 Jordon Sekulo & Nonie Darwish

March 11, 2017 Theresa Beckmeyer

March 18, 2017 Bill Jasper

March 25, 2017 Amy Shively Hawk

April 1, 2017 Mike Maharrey

April 15, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

April 22, 2017 Matt Staver

April 29, 2017 Teresa Beckmeyer

May 6, 2017 Wayne Allen Root and Carol Swain

May 13, 2017 Dr. Jeff Miller

May 27, 2017 Alex Neuman

June 3, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

June 10, 2017 Teresa Beckmeyer

June 17, 2017 Barbara Harliss

July 1, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

July 15, 2017 Tom DeWeese

July 22, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

July 29, 2017 Teresa Beckmeyer

August 5, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

August 12, 2017 Jesse Lee Peterson

August 19, 2017 Mark Christian

August 26, 2017 Bill Flies Solo

September 9, 2017 Mary Poplin

Bill Lockwood Interviewed by Jesse Lee Peterson

May, 2015

June, 2015

July , 2015

September, 2015

November, 2015

July 11, 2016

Past Guests on AMLIB You May Recognize

Greg Abbott: Current Governor for the State of Texas.

Joseph Arpaio: Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff.
David Barton: Founder of Wallbuilders, Author & frequent guest of Glenn Beck.
Mark Christian: Former Muslim and the founder of Global Faith Institute.
Ted Cruz: U.S. Senator from Texas.
Joseph Farah: Author, Journalist and Founder of WorldNetDaily.
Brigette Gabriel: Author, Journalist and Founder of Act! for America.
Pamela Geller: Author, Founder of & frequent guest of Sean Hannity.
John McManus: Current President of The John Birch Society.
Jesse Lee Peterson: Author and Founder of Bond Action.
Phyllis Schlafly: Author, American Constitutional Lawyer, Founder of the Eagle Forum.
John Whitehead: Author, Attorney and Founder of The Rutherford Institute.



One comment

  • Mr. Lockwood, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you on Jesse’s show. I do agree when you said we should not be in Korea and not to be the police for the world. I was even dumb founded when President Trump picked Nickie Haley for that position at the UNsince all the hoopla that she and Rubio were saying against him when he was running against Hillary. President Trump means well and his best interest is for the American people. He really is a nice person. My son in law worked for him as a butler at two of his casinos–served his family at different times and was treated well with respect. President Trump did not need to take on this position but for years knew what terrible direction our country was going in—even back after Regan was president. I will make a point to listen to your radio show and podcasts. Hope to see you again on Newsmax.

    Adeleen M. Jones
    Bridgeton, NJ.


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