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What You Can Expect to Hear on American Liberty with Bill Lockwood


Bill Lockwood discusses relevant cultural, political and religious Constitutional topics that currently affect every American’s day-to-day lives. Each week Bill always presents a wide variety of well informed guests and they discuss important issues that are rarely read, seen or heard in today’s “Mainstream News.” Bill is engaging, innovative and concise in educating and enlightening all listeners on the complexities of our Republic’s Constitutional Law. Enjoy an hour of educational listening during your busy weekend while remembering reasons why we are privileged to live in the greatest Nation in the World.

 Upcoming Guests

Bill Lockwood’s guests will appear on all of the stations shown below – based upon their listed times.

June 12-13

Bill Flies Solo

Special FOREIGN AID Editon

Bill will trace the History of Foreign Aid; The Philosophy behind it (being International Socialism); The Roots of Foreign Aid (including Exchange Stabilization Fund, International Monetary Fund, the FED, the World Bank, USAID. 

Bill will show proof from various sources that FOREIGN AID does not help nations–but only causes more impoverishment; and we answer the notion that FOREIGN AID somehow is Christian giving and charity. It is not. Foreign Aid is “confiscation and re-distribution” by force. Nothing at all to do with charitable giving. 

When & Where to Listen to AMLIB

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• Every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until Noon on NewsTalk 1290 AM in Wichita Falls

• Every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on KYYW 1470 AM News Talk in Abilene

• Every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on KFYO News Talk 790 AM in Lubbock

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