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What You Can Expect to Hear on American Liberty with Bill Lockwood


Bill Lockwood discusses relevant cultural, political and religious Constitutional topics that currently affect every American’s day-to-day lives. Each week Bill always presents a wide variety of well informed guests and they discuss important issues that are rarely read, seen or heard in today’s “Mainstream News.” Bill is engaging, innovative and concise in educating and enlightening all listeners on the complexities of our Republic’s Constitutional Law. Enjoy an hour of educational listening during your busy weekend while remembering reasons why we are privileged to live in the greatest Nation in the World.

 Upcoming Guests

Bill Lockwood’s guests will appear on all of the stations shown below – based upon their listed times.


Bill Flies Solo


1. Vaccine Mandates. How the Vax Mandates regarding the CCP virus are causing massive job losses, economic decline, and bringing totalitarian-style controls to citizens around the nation. Many workers across industries are choosing to get fired rather than get vaccinated. (See Epoch Times story, 10/6-10/12, 2021). 

2. The New Atlantic Charter. Behind the scenes, President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have signed the “New Atlantic Charter.” While openly disavowing the “America First” agenda of former president Donald Trump, Biden and Johnson have pledged to super-impose a global government over the two nations, and to lock them into Sustainable Development, United Nations goals. Changing the trajectory of freedom and the free-market economy of the United States, Biden’s “Build Back Better” begins with tearing down what remains of the tattered system of liberty and freedom in America. 

3. World Economic Forum. Utilizing the VAX Mandates, WEF leader Klaus Schwab promises to change America “for the better” as well. But no worries, “you will be happy,” promises Schwab. 

When & Where to Listen to AMLIB

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• Every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until Noon on NewsTalk 1290 AM in Wichita Falls

• Every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on KYYW 1470 AM News Talk in Abilene

• Every Sunday from 5-6 p.m. on KFYO News Talk 790 AM in Lubbock

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