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Co-Exist!–Deceptive Diagnosis Leads to Deceptive Remedy

Co-Exist!–Deceptive Diagnosis Leads to Deceptive Remedy- Katy Perry’s worldview apparently has been formed by bumper stickers…”

by Bill Lockwood

Katy Perry, the social media pop star, commented on this week’s Islamic terror attack in Manchester, England. While on “The Elvis Duran Show” she related that she feels “devastated” by the attack. To solve the “horribleness” of these types of events, Perry suggested that we all need simply to “unite and love on each other, and like, no barriers, no borders, like, we all need to just co-exist.”

Katy Perry’s worldview apparently has been formed by bumper stickers that are prolific in the San Francisco Bay area. One version of the sticker uses an Islamic crescent moon for the “C”, a peace sign for the “O”, a combination of male and female symbols for the “E”, the Star of David for the “X”, a pentagram of modern occultism for the dot on the “I”, a yin-yang of eastern religions for the “S”, and a Christian cross for the “T.”

In a more sophisticated version of “just love each other” from Katy Perry, Omer Taspinar, in a 2009 SAIS Review of International Affairs, suggested that the “new strategy” to prevent radicalism is by American funding of “social and economic development” in the Middle East. In other words, siphon-off the wealth of taxpayers to put an end to Manchester, England-type of jihadi attacks.

The last administration of Barack Obama was larded with liberal Marxist academicians who preached this same “pop star” theology of Perry about “let’s just all learn to love each other.” Maria Harpf, the State Department spokeswoman for Obama boldly suggested that to “stop the slaughter” of innocent civilians by Islamic State militants Americans need to pony-up more money. Why? Because the main problem, per Harpf, is “poverty.” This is the “root cause” of jihadic violence and it becomes the duty of America to “help them build their economies so they can have job opportunities for these people.”

Lack of jobs. Lack of western money. Economic depression. Not enough love. Let’s just all agree to co-exist. Liberalism is steeped in these nonsensical and unrealistic views of the world. I suggest this is the primary problem facing America: liberalism’s delusional view of reality. What is its taproot?


Socialism is worldview that is totally at war with Christianity. This is so because the foundation of socialism is a materialistic concept of the world. Every action of man is explained solely on the basis of what a person does or does not own or is able to “access” in society. This is the “devil’s gospel” of materialism, which is why materialists such as Harpf, Perry, and an academy full professors continually harangue “the system.”

The one cause of all human problem has a materialistic root. This means that all ills in society—be it violence, jihad, thievery, murder and mayhem stem directly from the lack of this world’s goods and opportunities or these types of “injustices” in the system.

What then is the remedy? How is the free world to help stop the violence in the world? The Devil’s Gospel is: “redistribute the wealth” and material possessions—or at least pay boatloads of money to establish better conditions. All problems can only be resolved by government-sponsored (not free-will giving) redistribution.

The above is what many preachers in nominal “Christian” pulpits apparently have not taken time to discover, as evidenced by their lack of cross-examination of materialistic and socialistic philosophies. Even the National Council of Churches majors in this mis-diagnosis of misbehavior, suggesting that the cure lies in more redistribution. The cultural malaise that is occurring in the western world is grounded almost totally on socialistic folly.

Pulpits have forsaken the God-given diagnosis of the world’s problems. Sin. And this forgetfulness is the more amazing since the entire biblical worldview demonstrates that sin embedded in the heart of man (Rom. 4:15; 6:23) is the source of all of society’s ills. And sin is the result of personal free-will choices that people make. Forgiveness in Christ is the remedy.

What our cultural elite absolutely refuse to entertain is the truth. Behavior of people is rooted in their ideology—not pocketbook. What a person, or group believes is the single motivating factor. Until the west totally abandons the worldview of socialism violence will increase. Jihadi terror will continue.


Specifically regarding Islam—the problem is the religious ideal itself. Not “extremists,” not “fringe radicals”—but the doctrine of Mohammed as codified in the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sirah (his biography).

Muhammad, the founder of Islam, is the perfect example for those calling themselves Muslims. Yet, Muhammad’s authoritative biographer, Ibn Ishaq, made perfectly clear that conversion to Islam had little to do with religion and everything to do with violence and jihad. The last chapter that came from his mouth is his marching orders for future generations of Muslims: “Fight and slay pagans wherever you may find them” (Surah 9:4).

Katy Perry and the New Agers of San Francisco may sway and sing for “Co-Existence” and Maria Harpf, now a television commentator, may lament the lack of American tax-payer money sent to Islamic nations, but Americans who have not been brainwashed by socialistic or Islamic doctrine can see that the root is the ideology behind the behavior.


TIME TO SHOW ‘AUNTIE MAXINE’ THE DOOR – Jesse Lee Peterson calls for investigation, removal of ‘classless, evil, corrupt politician’

by Jesse Lee Peterson

What happens when liberal snowflakes can’t accept losing an election?

They appoint a senseless, corrupt Democrat like Rep. Maxine Waters to attack the winner.
“Auntie Maxine” became the darling of the far left when she began making unfounded accusations that Russia conspired with the Trump campaign to tamper with the election. Waters refused to attend President Trump’s inauguration.

She has said, “I don’t honor this president. I don’t respect this president.” She said she’ll “fight every day until he is impeached.” Further, she has called the president a “con man.” She told the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, “We’re going to get his ass!”

She has become the leading voice of the left’s “resistance” against Trump’s efforts to reform the government and drain the swamp. Waters received a standing ovation from Hollywood snowflakes when she appeared at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Waters, 78, has been in Congress since 1991. She represents the 43rd District in Los Angeles – “the hood.” During her tenure, things have gotten much worse for her constituents. Crime is out of control. Good jobs are gone. Public schools are failing to educate students. Illegal-alien gang members are driving black citizens out of their neighborhoods, yet Maxine is spending taxpayer funds on a witch hunt.

In the short time since President Trump has been in office, the U.S. unemployment rate has dipped to a 10-year low (4.4 percent). Trump wants to give all students – especially low-income, inner-city students – a choice in education. He has ordered law-enforcement agencies to go after violent illegal alien criminals. As a result, hundreds of dangerous criminals from MS-13 and Mexican gang members have been captured. What President Trump is doing is great for law-abiding Americans, so why is Maxine Waters fighting him?

Waters is fighting him because she doesn’t care about her black constituents. For decades, she’s been using her position to help the Democratic Party stay in power. Attacking Trump pleases her powerful masters. Waters knows that her allegations are false, but she gleefully makes the charges. Evil wants to make good people overreact with lies and unjust accusations. If Trump were not a man of God, he would overreact to the enormous pressure.

When an illegal-alien gangbanger murdered 17-year-old football standout Jamiel Shaw Jr. merely for being black, Waters was silent. But Trump befriended the Shaw family, and he made stopping illegal immigration and deporting violent criminal illegal aliens his top priority. Trump announced the formation of Victims of Illegal Alien Criminals, or VOICE, to help families victimized by illegal aliens.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood

More than 19 million black babies have been aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalized abortion. Abortion kills some 900 black babies daily, yet wealthy pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, which have a history of supporting unfettered abortion to rid society of blacks and other “undesirables,” have honored Maxine.

Waters has used her position to enrich herself and her family. During the height of the 2008 fiscal crisis, using her post on the House Financial Committee as leverage, Waters called Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson personally, asking him to meet with minority-owned banks. When the Treasury secretary arrived at the meeting, only one financial institution was present: OneUnited.

Waters’ husband just happened to be a shareholder of the bank, which she reportedly did not disclose. Had that bank gone under, the New York Times reported, Waters’ husband would’ve lost as much as $350,000. OneUnited received a cool $12 million in bailout funds.

Waters’ daughter was paid nearly $70,000 by her mother’s campaign during the 2016 election cycle. Karen Waters has been on the payroll of Citizens for Waters since 2006. She has pulled in more than $600,000 for her services since that time.

Maxine has several homes, including a mansion in Los Angeles worth an estimated $4.5 million, yet she told a cheering crowd at a town-hall forum that she wants blacks to stay in the projects.

When South-Central Los Angeles erupted in riots – and 58 people were killed – after the Rodney King verdict in 1992, Waters described the riots as a “rebellion.” In her view, the violence was “a spontaneous reaction to a lot of injustice.” She also excused the looting, saying, “There were mothers who took this as an opportunity to take some milk, to take some bread, to take some shoes. … They are not crooks.”

Following a 1996 San Jose Mercury News article alleging the complicity of the CIA in the Los Angeles crack epidemic of the 1980s, Waters called for an investigation. She questioned whether “U.S. government-paid or organized operatives smuggled, transported and sold it to American citizens.” Yet, the DOJ announced it found no evidence to support such claims.

A single mother raised Waters after her father left the home when she was just two, so she’s never known a father’s love. In her anger, she can’t recognize a real man.

Maxine Waters is a classless, evil, corrupt politician who seeks to divide the country to empower herself and keep rich liberals in charge of blacks via the Democratic Party. It’s high time to fully investigate her, and show her the door. #ExpelAuntieMaxine


Read Jesse Lee Peterson’s Biography

Is it Time for Divorce?

Is it Time for Divorce?- “How Deep is the Divide?”

by Bill Lockwood

With all of the political rancor boiling out of the Left against President Donald Trump, perhaps it is time to ask the question if the time has come for American states to consider an amicable divorce? Political separation. The chasm that divides right from left in our nation is wider than can be bridged by mere bi-partisanship. America is in the midst of a brewing civil war. The community organizers and Deep State devotees continue to foment rebellion behind the scenes while their street goose-steppers violently rampage with impunity.

What is the cause of all of this? What is the real issue? It is not about, as shallow thinkers suggest, Trump’s tweets. It is instead the same issue that has been festering beneath the surface for over a century and is just now coming to an ugly head. Will we have a limited government whereby the individual can enjoy his or her God-given liberties?; or, will we have total government control which dispenses or retracts these “freedoms” as central-planners see fit?

This is the only explanation for the intensified vicious hatred flung at President Trump. He is doing exactly what he said he would do — rolling back the gargantuan total state that has been created after the socialist will. But the heart of the left will always be about imposing their ungodly agendas on others by totalitarian-style edicts of the New World Order.

Witness some of these edicts. They range from population-control schemes; mandating the activity of each person on earth as is clearly enunciated by Agenda 21 UN goals; over-riding national sovereignty by international law; the complete destruction of capitalism; militant sexual LGBT worldviews; absolute federal and international control of our children’s education; the forced funding of the welfare state; complete domination of unconstitutionally-held land; complete control of our money supply and wealth by which slavery is promoted in the form of debt; and a thousand other similar well-established practices.

Therefore, perhaps the time has come to consider an amicable divorce. States that wish total government, go your own way. Those that eschew despotism, go another. Irreconcilable differences.

How Deep is the Divide?

To consider how deeply we are divided, ponder James Madison’s statement pertaining to government power. “The powers delegated [by the people] by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation and foreign commerce… The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives and liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement and prosperity of the State.”

Those enumerated powers of which Madison spoke equal about twenty specifics (Art. 1, Sec. 8). So important was this basic concept of a limited government that the Founders added the 10th Amendment which was to serve as a lock on the the federal government.

Thomas Jefferson even wrote, “I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground: That ‘all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States or to the people.’ To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specifically drawn around the powers of Congress is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.” (1791)

We are now on that “boundless sea” and the horizon does not look promising. We have completely lost the Constitution as the people writhe beneath a centralized state. In common with every breed of despotism, communism, Marxism, socialism, Nazism, or fascism—all of which are rooted in atheism—individual rights and liberties are almost non-existent in our nation. This is exactly what the left wants. Therefore, whether one reads the U.N. Earth Charter or the Manifestos of the Humanists or the Democratic Party platform, they all cry for more government control and less freedom of the individual.

Deeper still is the principle that was observed by Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1830’s. He noted that that which united Americans, transcending political parties and religious differences, was a fundamental moral consensus in the heart of the people. This was so impressive to the French diplomat. Sadly, consensus does not any longer exist between the opposite sides of our divide which advocate two very different world views.

With a complete lack moral consensus today and cultural leaders of western civilization who love to have it so, it seems insufficient to even call for state conventions for the purpose of adding amendments to the constitution or even demanding the federal government retreat. Statist policies of government officials will continue unfettered and anarchy will escalate.

So, instead of middle America being forced to tolerate the near-Satanic-style assaults from the left, making it impossible for our elected president to govern, perhaps it is time for those addicted to government management of their lives to write their own constitution and go their own way.

The Impact of Evolution on the Humanities and Science

The Impact of Evolution on the Humanities and Science

by Bill Lockwood

Beneath the above title, John N. Moore, professor of science at Michigan State University, offered a broad range of cultural themes that have felt the brunt force of Darwinian evolution. Below are condensed notes from his work with insertions of my own.

First, Literature. Even prior to Darwin’s first book (1859) English novelists seemed to opt for an “evolutionary” model regarding the origin of man. After Darwin’s second book, The Descent of Man, the 19th century “intellectuals” were in perfect accord with Darwin’s scheme. George Bernard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb, of the Fabian Socialists—and even Karl Marx constructed evolution into social theories such as socialism.

Second, Philosophy. If there was a slow gradual change over eons of time that produced mankind, then all mammals, of which man is a part, have a common ancestry. If that be true, then all values are relative and there are no absolutes. John Dewey, the “father of modern American education” is one of these. Listen today to the philosophers to realize that they believe in no absolute moral standards.

Third, Psychology. Modern psychiatry, except for biblically-based counseling, is grounded squarely on the concept enunciated in the Humanist Manifesto (1933, 1973, 2000), that man is a mere “matter machine.” As one psychologist put it, man is simply a “bunch of chemicals running around in a bag.” The DSM-IV (2004) manual (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) attacks the biblical concept that man has a separate “spirit” that is answerable to God as “foolish and obsolete.” If this be the true nature of man, his “disorders” are fixed by adding more chemicals, which is precisely what is occurring in our society.

Fourth, Biology. One has only to read the writings of such leaders as Julian Huxley, Theodosius Dobzhansky, and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to verify the infusion of evolutionary thinking in all facets of biology and associated sciences and in the mass communications media as well (Moore). A more modern evolutionary writer is George Gaylord Simpson. All of these demonstrate the “ubiquitous application of evolutionary thought.”

Fifth, Education. The “father” of modern education, John Dewey, was an ardent supporter of the evolutionary hypothesis. Little wonder that the myth of evolutionary origins of mankind has so infiltrated modern education that it is difficult to avoid such from grade school to graduate school. Unsurprisingly, Dewey was a Humanist who did not believe in God.

Sixth, Theology. Many are shocked that this field has been completely captured by evolution. Modern graduate students are frequently required to begin their textual researches based upon the concept that the text of the Bible is not God-breathed (2 Tim. 3:16,17), but the result of an evolutionary change that occurred over the “growth” of a period of years.



by Tom DeWeese

The clamor is growing louder every day. “They don’t listen.” “We have no real choice of candidates.” “The system is rigged for the elite.” “There’s no difference between the two parties.”

You hear it every election. Endless talk about the need to create jobs, build the economy, make the nation a “better place to live for our families,” and, my favorite – “restore trust!”  Who’s not for those wonderful things! The slogans work for Democrat and Republican alike. These so-called issues are interchangeable. They are, in fact, nothing more than empty rhetoric.

Meanwhile, do we hear a discussion about our money becoming more worthless every day from government spending and rampant inflation? What about the destruction of our education system as it is used for behavior modification while true academics are eliminated for the curriculum? Does any candidate dare mention the hopelessness taking over our inner cities as federal welfare policies are enslaving whole generations to the ever-expanding government plantation? And of course there is the fear campaign in every city in the nation about the need to control development and population, leading to the utter destruction of private property.

None of these issues are ever mentioned in local, state or federal campaigns. Any candidate who tries is immediately labeled an extremist! So our political parties choose for us candidates that are “acceptable,” middle of the road, not rocking the boat, and not too extreme. In short, we are forced to choose the lesser of two evils.

Election after election the drone goes on. And what are we to do? These are the candidates those in charge have chosen for us for city council, county commission, state legislature, Congress and President. Yes, we have primaries to choose, but I think we all know those are pretty much rigged to assure the powers in charge get whom they want – just ask Bernie Sanders.

Is it any wonder that there are millions of Americans who don’t vote or participate in our nation’s debate because they think it doesn’t matter anyway? The “average voter” increasingly feels that the decisions have been made for them.

Those who hold conservative points of view that our nation should live within the Constitution now believe socialism is inevitable, so why bother going to the polls.

The poor think they are simply pawns in a vice grip between big money and special interests which control the elections. Why bother? Helplessness now rules the world’s greatest representative democracy. As people stay home or trudge to the polls to unenthusiastically vote for the next lesser of two evils, 93% of incumbents are routinely returned to office – year after year after year.

The instant a candidate is elected and joins the ranks of the incumbents he/she begins the dance. Get the money for the next campaign. How? Special interests groups, corporations and foreign interests flood into their offices to make deals, promote their personal agendas and show the way to fame, fortune and perpetual office – if only the incumbents go along. They have the whole process well in hand. Campaigns become little more than big PR projects, promoted in positive platitudes, specifically designed to assure nothing negative sticks. Just get through it and keep the gravy train running.

Above all, do not talk about controversial subjects like dollar values, global trade or immigration; just stick to issues like health care, and the environment – coincidentally, two issues bought and paid for by the special interests. See how it works?

So year after year, we officially hold elections and politicians pontificate about how our going to the polls is a revered right, a valued tradition, the underpinning of a free society. And they wonder why there is such division in the nation. How did we end up in such a mess? We voted for these guys. But did we enjoy it? Are we satisfied with the results? Would we like to demand a do-over?

So is it hopeless? Is there any way to change it? Do you want the people to, again, have control of the election process and of the choice of candidates offered? Do you want to force the power elites to listen to you? I’ve got a solution.

Don’t despair. Don’t give up. There is a logical, effective way out of this. But it won’t happen by depending on political parties to lead the way. We have to take things into our own hands. We need an effective, binding form of protest to say “NO” to bad candidates. There is such a way.

Imagine going into the voting booth and looking down the list of candidates offered. None really appeal. None seem to offer satisfaction as an answer to the issues that concern you. If only there was something else you could do. A write in won’t help. It would take such a difficult, expensive effort. It rarely works.
Then you look further down the ballot. Something new. It says “NONE OF THE ABOVE.” It’s a final choice after each of the candidates in every category, from president, to congress to city council. What does it mean?

It means you have the power to decide who will hold office – not the power brokers. When the votes are tallied, if “NONE OF THE ABOVE” gets a majority of votes over any of the candidates listed, then “NONE OF THE ABOVE” wins. And that means none of those candidates will win the office. The office will remain vacant until a new election is held. To set up another election and fill the spot would work exactly like the process provided in the Constitution when an incumbent dies or resigns, and a special election is held. Now new candidates will have to try to win the public’s support.

Tom DeWeese’s book, “Erase: A Political Thriller”

Fixing the election process could be that simple. You, the voter, would be completely in the driver’s seat with the power to reject candidates, forcing a new election with new choices. The political parties would be forced to provide candidates the people want — or face being rejected. They would have to talk about real issues – or face being rejected. Incumbents would have to answer for their actions in office – or face being rejected. “NONE OF THE ABOVE.” Period. The power of labor unions and international corporations would be broken.

Think of the consequences. No longer would voters have to settle for the lesser of two evils. If all the candidates are bad – none would be able to force their way into office. It would mean that powerful special interests could no longer rely on their money to buy elections. They could buy all the ads they wanted, spend millions on “volunteers” going door to door and sling their dirt, but if the voters aren’t buying, none of it will save their candidate from being rejected by “NONE OF THE ABOVE.”

Moreover, the power of entrenched incumbents who have been unbeatable because of their massive war chests and party ties would be broken. Picture John McCain or Nancy Pelosi unable to run for office because they were rejected by “NONE OF THE ABOVE.”

However, in order to work, “NONE OF THE ABOVE” would have to be binding. It would have to have the power of law behind it. It cannot be just a “protest” vote that has no other meaning. “NONE OF THE ABOVE” is completely non-partisan. There is no way to control its outcome. There is no need for a massive campaign chest to support “NONE OF THE ABOVE,” although it could certainly be done. But the option, once permanently placed on the ballot, would always be there. America’s representative system would be restored.

To get the job done, activists in every state would have to begin a campaign to demand that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” be given a permanent spot on the ballot. It would not require a Constitutional Amendment. It would have to be done state by state. Some states have ballot referendums and initiatives using petition drives to get an issue on the ballot so the people can decide. It’s difficult and expensive to do, but popular ideas have a chance.

In other states, “NONE OF THE ABOVE” advocates would have to find a friendly state representative or senator to introduce the idea before the state legislature and then get enough votes to pass it in both houses and then have it signed by the governor. The main drawback to that effort is that, if the effort is successful, then every one of those legislators is an incumbent who will have to face “NONE OF THE ABOVE” on the ballot for their re-election. They probably won’t be too excited about the idea.

So why would they support the idea? It would be only because supporters succeed in creating a strong movement of voters which demand it. No one is saying this will be an easy process. But such movements have succeeded before. For example, local activists could begin by demanding that candidates support the measure much like they now sign “no tax” pledges. In short, they would support it because there is strong popular support and they simply have no choice.

Of course, one of their main objections to the “NONE OF THE ABOVE” idea would be the requirement for holding a new election, should it win. Too expensive, our responsible public servants would say as they dismissed the idea. However, if it means getting better candidates, isn’t it worth it to hold a new election, especially considering how much a very bad candidate would cost us if he actually got into office?

The fact is, such a need for a new election would probably not arise often once political power brokers began to understand that they must offer candidates acceptable to the people rather than to the special interests. That’s all they really have to do. It’s all we want. It only takes a couple of “None of the Above” victories to see that the electorate is back in charge.

The idea of “NONE OF THE ABOVE” has been around for a long time. Over the years, most states have had some kind of legislation introduced supporting the concept. Nevada actually has it on the ballot – but it is not binding. It doesn’t force a new election. It is just a measure of protest. That’s not good enough to make it effective.

One of the reasons it has not been successful is because there has never been a serious national drive to promote the idea. However, with the growing dissatisfaction voters are feeling with the lack of quality candidates seeming to get worse every election, perhaps there has never been a better time to start a national discussion on the issue.

The best part is that “NONE OF THE ABOVE” isn’t a conservative or liberal idea. It’s not a Republican of Democrat proposal. In fact, Republican leadership might see it as a good way to break the back of big labor’s influence over elections. Equally, Democrats could see it as a way to stop the power and influence of the Republican’s big business money. However the parties want to look at it, the bottom line is that the voters win.

This will be a long-term process and is primarily aimed at local, state and congressional candidates. While it should certainly be used in presidential elections as well, the real power comes from rejecting the lower level candidates.

But all of that depends on the voters. Do you want to take back control, or are you satisfied to have your choices made for you behind closed doors? Because that’s what we have now. How’s that working for you?

Read Tom Deweese’s Biography


PRESIDENT TRUMP: MAN AMONG BOYS – Jesse Lee Peterson examines Christian leader’s example in ‘fighting for America’

by Jesse Lee Peterson

The liberal media are once again trying to say President Trump is “angry.” He is not; they are. Watch at a distance and see Trump’s example as a Christian and a man fighting for America.


Last week, Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey – a sudden, shocking and welcome development. Comey rightly stated that the president can fire him for any reason or no reason. Trump operates differently from most. He likes to be unpredictable.

Liberals indignantly speculated that Trump aimed to stifle the FBI’s investigation into alleged “Russian collusion” with Trump’s campaign. Persuasion expert Scott Adams pointed out that Trump “made Democrats self-immolate over Comey while reminding everyone he wasn’t under investigation.”

Obama’s mess

I hear people talking about the “deep state” undermining Trump lately. I know liberal judges and government employees are dictating our lives and blunting Trump’s actions. He’s dealing with constant leaks, lies and opposition.

Comey was part of the corrupt, partisan government problem. An apparently emotional man who felt “mildly nauseous,” he might have impacted the election in Trump’s favor. He then lent legitimacy to the Democrats’ other go-to conspiracy theory of “Russian hacking” to excuse their loss. Perhaps Comey meant to compensate (“showboat,” in Trump’s view) for displeasing Democrats by investigating Hillary for her alleged national security breaches.

Comey was part of the anti-conservative bias Obama built into our government. Recall Dinesh D’Souza’s punishment after he illegally donated to a campaign that ultimately failed. The Clinton-appointed judge sentenced Dinesh to federal confinement and psychological counseling. According to Dinesh (who smiled the day Comey was fired), Comey allocated $100,000 of taxpayer funds to investigate D’Souza’s inconsequential $20,000 donation – “all to please his mob bosses Holder & Obama.” D’Souza likely got under Obama’s skin with his hit movie “2016: Obama’s America,” a documentary based on his aptly titled book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.”

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood


Notice that Trump is not girly like Obama. Obama blamed Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and “racism” (which doesn’t exist) for his failure. Trump calls out “fake news” outlets like CNN, CBS and others. Liberal media personalities react very poorly and angrily to this criticism – much worse than Fox News people did.

We’ve seen disgraceful outbursts and disrespect from CNN’s Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, CBS’s Stephen Colbert and numerous others. But they’re the ones promoting false narratives of “racism,” “sexism” and other fake news. They play innocent and while they delude, divide and incite the people to empower fellow children of the lie. And they assassinate the character of courageous men who stand up for the truth (as they did Bill O’Reilly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and continually attempt to do with Donald Trump).


The media described Trump as “enraged” and “fuming” when he fired Comey – they called it an “impulsive” act of “anger and impatience,” purportedly to shut down the “Russia” nonsense, citing an anonymous leak.
Liberals like to create an echo chamber to make their lies seem true. But if you look closely at these men and women (like Rep. Maxine Waters), you see they are the insecure, childish ones, while Trump is the man in charge.

I often yell and go off when people do insane things. Angry people may think I’m angry like they are, but I feel nothing about it. So it is, I believe, with Trump. Comey’s recent testimony before Congress was undeniably bizarre, like so many other situations he created. Trump had seen enough. It was a long time coming. I think we can all relate to taking overdue action.

Childish vs. childlike

But liberal author and screenwriter Michael D’Antonio calls Trump “the little boy president” in a CNN opinion piece. He says Trump can’t behave like a responsible adult for the sake of the country. (In reality, Trump is perhaps the one real man in leadership, who loves and fights for the country.) If you look at D’Antonio, this man is weak, liberal, just sugar-water – much like Sen. Tim Kaine.

D’Antonio quotes Trump: “When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different.” Children are innocent, honest, forgiving, unconcerned about protecting people’s feelings; and they love their father and mother. This describes Trump. But D’Antonio and so many other pathetic liberals are “terrified” at such a man in power.

Many conservatives also fall for this intellectual trap, confusing childlike innocence with childishness. I recently described myself as “a big kid” on my radio show, since I too dropped my anger and loved my father and mother. Christ said we must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven; then greater works than he did shall we do. It is so important to set this example as Christians.

Keep a distance between yourself and Trump. Don’t get your identity from anyone or anything. Don’t get caught up with what’s happening like liberals do. I share instructions for quiet prayer on my SoundCloud account. I urge everyone to pray. Then God might separate you from the world, allowing you to see for yourself, changing your life and the world around you.


Read Jesse Lee Peterson’s Biography

Terminate The Department of Education

Terminate The Department of Education – Please sign petition below!

Those words are the entire content of a new bill, H.R. 899. This bill was introduced by courageous Congressman Thomas Massie (R – Kentucky). H.R. 899 is revolutionary. H.R. 899 will end the destruction of America’s education system. H.R. 899 should have been introduced 37 years ago.

But no Republican has had the courage to do the right thing in all those years – until now. That’s why I’m asking you to stand with this courageous Congressman to help him get this vital bill passed in Congress and delivered to President Trump’s desk for his signature.

Please sign the enclosed petition to Congressman Massie telling him you support H.R.899.


And I will personally deliver your signed petition to him so that he may display yours and thousands more to show Congress the American people demand an end to the federal Department of Education.

This is what you and I have been waiting for. It’s the end of the federal government messing with the minds of our children, indoctrinating them with leftist propaganda.

The end of Common Core!

The end of the power of the National Education Association (NEA) the most powerful union in the nation – and the one that directly affects your child’s future! These programs and policies are the NEA’s agenda:
Goals 2000, School to Work, Workforce Development Boards, pumping drugs like Ritalin into our children. And now today – Common Core.

Classrooms are torturing your children with idiotic programs like Common
Core where the questions make no sense – defy logic and cause them to quit. American history has been removed. Instead of learning about the Declaration of Independence the children have been indoctrinated to accept the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights. Academics have nearly disappeared from the classroom and the children are pummeled with propaganda on global warming.

The Department of Education’s policy is to determine that your children are sick if they believe in their nation as a bastion of freedom. Or if they love God and their families. As a result of 38 years of the Department of Education our children have been successfully turned into ignorant, pliable global village idiots!

Does that sound harsh?

Then take a good look around you. Look at the surge of young people who unquestioningly supported avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders for president. Look at the sick images of college students who need counseling and coloring books to deal with anyone who expresses opinions other than those deemed to be politically correct by the Education establishment.

It’s all fed through the Department of Education. And if our nation is to survive it must stop! That’s why you and I must take a stand to help Rep. Massie succeed in terminating the Department of Education.


In introducing his H.R. 899 Rep. Massie said, “States and local communities are best positioned to shape curricula that meet the needs of their students.” And he is absolutely right.

That’s why we have 50 state school boards. And it’s why nearly every community in the nation has a locally-elected school board – so parents have a say in their child’s education. Through that system of local control the United States education system was the envy of the world. Today it is a pathetic failure. H.R. 899 has been long overdue.

In 1980 Ronald Reagan promised to get rid of the Department of Education that was started by Jimmy Carter just a year before. Reagan was betrayed by the same type of establishment Republicans that now threaten Donald Trump.

In 1996 the Republican Party Platform said the “federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula… That is why we will abolish the Department of Education, end federal meddling in our schools and promote family choice at all levels of learning.” Republicans lost the presidential race that year and so the Department of Education survived.

Today you and I have a new chance. During the recent campaign, President Trump called for slashing the Department of Education Budget. He certainly sees the danger. And I am quite certain that new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would gladly see her position ended if it also meant the end of the Department of Education. That would be a victory for her and the Trump Administration.


So let’s take the right action today.

Let’s end the power of the National Education Association. Let’s save generations of children from being enslaved in ignorance. Let’s save millions of tax payer dollars. And let’s take the first vital steps in draining the swamp and restoring our nation’s precious Republic.

All of that can be achieved by passing a simple one-line bill. “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.” It’s that simple.

I started my fight against the Department of Education in the 1990s when Bill Clinton was president. He had introduced Goals 2000 and the rest of the policies to change our education system. This was before Common Core. I walked all over Capitol Hills meeting with Members of Congress, begging them to stop these programs. Incredibly, Republicans were actually sponsoring many of them.

I actually succeeded three times in stopping the passage of the Workforce Development Act – then called the Careers Act – until I was betrayed by a U.S. Senator from Ohio – Mike DeWine. He lied on the floor of the Senate by saying I and Phyllis Schlafly supported the bill. His lie passed the bill.

Please, join with me in supporting Congressman Thomas Massie’s bill H. R. 899. We can finally terminate the federal Department of Education and return education policy to the local level where you have a say in how it is done! Please sign my enclosed petition of support to Rep. Massie so he can prove the American people support his bill and demand an end to the Department of Education.


Also, if you can, please call you congressman and ask for his support of the bill. In fact, if you can, ask him/her to co-sponsor it. He has 7 co-sponsors so far. If we can get 50 Members of Congress to sign on we can pass H.R. 899! You can call your Congressional Representative at 202-224-3121. Just ask for him/her by name. You will be automatically connected.

I am doing everything I can to build support for the bill. Will you help me lead that effort across the country? But we can win this battle to terminate the Department of Education because the American people are finally fed up with these tyrannical policies of the Left.  We’ve never had a better opportunity.
H.R. 899 is our best chance to stop the destruction of our American way.


Thank you,
 Tom DeWeese, 

The Ghost in the Machine, Modern Psychology & Managing Our Behavior

The Ghost in the Machine, Modern Psychology & Managing Our Behavior “Humanism’s basic view of humankind is that man is a mere “matter machine.”

by Bill Lockwood

Americans seem to be out of control. From the halls of Congress where Democrats continually shriek about President Trump to the kindergarten classroom where children are over-dosed with chemicals to restrain undesirable behavior, managing our behavior seems to be the challenge that we are unable to meet.

Information flowing from psychology demonstrates the same ungovernable behavioral problems Americans are witnessing in the news cycle on a daily basis. “Why Our Kids Are Out of Control”; “Anger Management”; “Sexual Addictions”; “Black People are Out of Control”; “Safe Spaces” on College Campuses are “Creating Intolerance”—fill the headlines. “Rude, whiny, arrogant and violent” mark our actions—from early childhood to college campuses to Congressional Caucuses.

On a personal level, behavioral problems include impulsive self-destructive acts, reckless driving, over-spending, shoplifting, binge drinking, substance abuse, sexual perversions, self-mutilation, lying, street violence, suicide, and more. These increasing patterns of action plague our society.

What kind of coping mechanism is advised by our culture? Since modern psychology largely explains these problems on the sole basis of chemical imbalances remedy is sought by medication, either prescribed or self-prescribed. All of this ignores the the real problem. Our society has long ago rejected any biblical explanation of behavior or a God-given prescription to set our lives on a peaceful course. This repudiation of any ultimate value is overtly announced within the field of modern psychology.

Modern Psychology

Psychology may actually be defined in two different ways. There is a biblical framework and there is a humanistic framework. Most of psychiatry today operates from a humanistic framework. As a matter of fact, the modern “science” of psychology openly repudiates any biblical model of mankind, opting instead to view man from the standpoint of atheism. And, as in any endeavor, beginning at a wrong point cannot lead to success.

Humanism’s basic view of humankind is that man is a mere “matter machine.” This is the materialistic explanation. The infamous statement from the original Humanist Manifesto (1933) explained man as nothing but matter in motion and the “Christian concept” that man has a “soul” or “spirit” is nonsensical—no such thing as “the ghost in the machine.”

Modern psychiatry is squarely grounded upon this concept—the “biological/chemical model” as opposed to a “moral/spiritual model.” It sees man as wholly and completely a physical machine, a mere mixture of chemicals. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV, 2004) classifies all mental illnesses in this model while openly ridiculing Christianity. That a person has a spirit that returns to God (Ecclesiastes 12:7), is answerable to God, and is distinct from the physical body the DSM calls “foolish and obsolete.” It declares that it is a “misleading dichotomy.”

Since all “mental illnesses” are biologically based, they are chemically cured. The vast majority of psychologists aggressively teach this (see Steve Rudd, the founder of this website, has collected dozens of statements from noted and leading psychiatrists that adequately demonstrate these assertions.
For example, Dean Hamer, director of Gene Structure and Regulation Unit at the U.S. National Cancer Institute, in an article Is God in Our Genes? (Time, 10.25.2004): “I think we follow the basic law of nature, which is that we’re a bunch of chemical reactions running around in a bag.”

The University of Montreal’s leading neuroscientist researcher, Dr. Mario Beauregard, in his 2007 book, The Spiritual Brain, argued that there is more to man than the dominant materialistic doctrine allows. Beauregard asserted that on that model “humans are biological automatons (‘meat puppets’) controlled by their genes and neurons.”

From atheist Daniel Dennett we hear that “a brain was always going to do what it was caused to do by local mechanical disturbances” (1994). And clinical psychologist Ty Colbert says that in order to adopt psychiatry’s biological model, one must “believe in a materialistic, non-spiritual world … the medical model claims there is no mental activity that is due to the spiritual dimension. All activity, even one’s religious beliefs or the belief in God, are nothing more than the workings of the brain” (Rape of the Soul, How the Chemical Imbalance Model of Modern Psychiatry Has Faded Its Patients, 2001).

If the above be the true explanation of humankind, that man is nothing more than a physical collection of chemicals and neurons, then not only does man have no legitimate realistic hope beyond this earth but his very mind is the creation of physics. Freewill must be considered a myth and every action we exhibit is not the result of rational thinking but the bumping together of various atoms in our brains. Responsibility for misbehavior is not personal, for there is no such thing as “mis” behavior—only behavior. Everything can be fixed with drugs to change the chemical imbalances.

Joseph Campbell: New Age Rage

Joseph Campbell: New Age Rage- “…God is “only a thought”– not a reality.”

by Bill Lockwood

For those who wonder how it is that our culture is imploding, they need look no further than the New Age religious hodge-podge that is being promoted at the University campus level. For example, flatly rejecting, even ridiculing biblical concepts such as the resurrection of the dead as a “clown act,” the late New Age guru Joseph Campbell gives us his picture of a purposeless world in which everyone is simply to follow “their own bliss.” “I don’t believe life has a purpose. Life is a lot of protoplasm with an urge to reproduce and continue in being.”

With degrees from Columbia University Campbell later taught at Sarah Lawrence College. He had grown up as a Roman Catholic in New York but recounts his “conversion” experience to an anti-Christian worldview as occurring as a boy when he visited the Museum of Natural History. Captivated by “Native American mythology” he ironically bought into the Greatest of All American Myths—the general theory of evolution which posits that man evolved from lower life forms. “Science” made a “housecleaning of his religious beliefs.”

Using the unproved and unprovable Darwinian template Campbell utilizes this scenario and places it upon religious development as well. “Monotheism is an evolutionary development from polytheism” is the professor’s idea. Historical data that disproves this nonsense is simply dismissed. Irrationality is enthroned with no apology. This, of course, means a complete repudiation of the Bible which then became Campbell’s primary object of scorn. No wonder that Newsweek reviewed Campbell as one of the “rarest of intellectuals in American life; a serious thinker who has been embraced by the popular culture.”

Embracing Gnosticism

Gnostics of the early centuries of Christianity fabricated numerous texts which espoused their paganistic worldview. Texts that they composed, such as the “Secret Book of James” or “The Secret Book of John” promote a godless experiential concept such as that Jesus did not really die on the cross as people supposed but was laughing “in space” above the cross. Current “scholars” such as Elaine Pagels, who have long ago rejected the inspiration of the Bible, have swooned over these self-conflicting anonymous texts. Salvation is to be found only by mystical “self-knowledge.”

Go back into ancient history where honoring of the “goddess” was practiced, declares Pagels and Campbell. Throw rational logical thinking out the window and get in touch the “god inside of you” exults Campbell. So taught the drug-induced hippies of the sixties. But the modern New Ager preaches the identical nonsense without mind-altering substances. Practically every Gnostic theme of yesteryear is repeated by Joseph Campbell.

New Age

New Age themes run rampant throughout Campbell’s writings. “Satan is god;” “Get in touch with the god inside of you;” the “vegetable world is conscious;” Get back in touch with nature; worship Gaia; our bodies are actually part of the goddess Gaia; one can never know the truth—any truth; heaven is “within you;” the Apocryphal Book of John of the Nag Hammadi “Scriptures” reveals the real account of Jesus’ life; denial of evil; God is “only a thought”– not a reality; You are God!; Let’s all worship the earth; God is wicked because he invented hell—and many other such blasphemous nonsensical assertions are lodged by Campbell.

Relativistic Self-Contradictions

One of the interesting aspects of those who reject the Bible is the fact that most of them sooner or later commit hari-kari in their thinking processes. The broadest-based example of this, demonstrated continually in The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers and in The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell not only continually contradicts himself with wild assertions, but commits the serious fallacy of supposing that commonality proves borrowing. The Egyptian god Osiris supposedly died and was resurrected; Jesus is said to have died and resurrected; therefore they both are myths and Christianity is assumed to have borrowed the tale from the common mythology of the world. Assertions, assertions, assertions.

Campbell strategically ignores the fact that the Bible is amply demonstrated historically as well as examining the concept of fulfilled prophecies. Ancient pagan cultural myths do not even pretend to do this. But to New Agers, logical lapses seem to make little difference.

What Campbell refuses to do is to come to grips with the fact that the New Testament never purports to be a mere book of ethics or stories, but is good news bound up in the historical order rooted deeply in the historical narratives presented. What distinguishes Christianity from the rest of the world’s religions and philosophical systems is that it purports to be an actual historical record and it is verifiable at thousands of points as it intersects with secular records and archaeology. The New Testament documents are historically reliable and are doubtlessly authentic.

Can One Know the Truth?

Dogmatically railing against Christianity as “exclusivistic,” Campbell tells us that all religions, including Christianity, are merely subjective thoughts of adherents. If all religious philosophies are merely subjective opinions of men whose minds are nothing more than “excreting protoplasm,” as Campbell says he believes, how can he label one of those opinions—Christianity—as a “clown act” and wholly wrong?

If Campbell is right, he could never have discovered it nor could he have ever labeled one of those systems as illogical. “The person who thinks he has found the ultimate truth is wrong” pronounces Campbell. Is that statement of wrongness true? If so, how did he discover it seeing that his brain, by his own admission, is nothing more than moving protoplasm? In truth, even Campbell appeals to ultimate reality when seeking to slay Christianity.

Such is the plight of all those who have become infatuated with New Ageism. They may speak of peace and harmony and “oneness with the universe”—but they rage against the religion of Jesus Christ. Refusing to recognize the historical evidences of New Testament Christianity, New Agers throw correct thinking out the window of their minds and float into a make-believe world of Nirvana.


TRAYVON MARTIN’S LIFE DIDN’T MATTER TO HIS PARENTS – Jesse Lee Peterson reveals tragic truth about family of ‘thug made into a martyr’

by Jesse Lee Peterson

Florida Memorial University is planning to award Trayvon Martin a posthumous bachelor of science degree in aviation during its commencement ceremonies this Saturday. Didn’t think of Trayvon as the scholarly type, did you?

Since his death in 2012, Martin, the 17-year-old thug who was fatally shot during a fight with George Zimmerman, has been made into a martyr. According to Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon’s mother, Trayvon wanted to be a pilot or an airplane mechanic. But he was far from a model student. According to reports, Trayvon had been suspended twice that school year before his death for offenses that should have gotten him arrested – once for getting caught with a burglary tool and a dozen items of female jewelry, the second time for being found with marijuana.

In 2010, Chief Charles Hurley of the Miami-Dade School Police Department implemented a policy that lowered the number of criminal reports, altering statistics to create the impression that crime was dropping within the school system. Crimes were being reported as disciplinary infractions. If Chief Hurley and the Miami-Dade School District had done their jobs, Trayvon may have gotten the wake-up call needed to change his life.

As I write in “The Antidote,” Trayvon’s parents failed him. Stable, married parents are the foundation for life, but Trayvon’s mother and father abandoned him. The only real mother he knew was his stepmother, Alicia Stanley, with whom he lived for eight years. That was taken from him when his father, Tracey Martin, started seeing another woman, Brandi Green, and gave up full guardianship to the biological mother, Sybrina Fulton.

Trayvon was stripped of the only family and mother he knew. As a result, he grew angry, used drugs and turned into a thug. It was his own anger – not “racism” – that caused his death. Trayvon was in Sanford, Florida, visiting his father’s girlfriend at her home in the townhouse community where Zimmerman was in charge of the neighborhood watch. Trayvon was from Miami Gardens – a crime-ridden city located in north-central Miami-Dade County. The city violent crime rate for Miami Gardens in 2012 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 116.45 percent.

Trayvon’s biological parents, along with phony black leaders and the mainstream media, have been complicit in falsifying the narrative about Trayvon. Patrisse Cullors, whom I interviewed on my radio show (she ran from me), is a radical black lesbian and an organizer in Black Lives Matter. She and others created the BlackLivesMatter hashtag soon after Martin’s death. Since then, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barack Obama and other human leeches have used Trayvon as the poster child for false “racism.”

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

Trayvon’s failing parents – especially his mother – are using his name to gain fame and money. They now have the Trayvon Martin Foundation. According to the website, it’s a “social justice organization committed to ending senseless gun violence, strengthening families through holistic support …” Whatever that means.
Fulton has been traveling and giving speeches, and she has been acting as though she was a model parent.

She campaigned with Hillary Clinton in 2016, and she was recognized at the Democratic National Convention along with other “Mothers of the Movement” (aka Dirty Mothers of the Movement). So how much has the Trayvon Martin Foundation raised, and where does the money go? No one seems to know. What we do know is that Trayvon’s parents settled a wrongful-death claim against the homeowners’ association in the gated community where he was killed. The final settlement is believed to be more than $1 million.

Within three days of Trayvon Martin’s death, his family hired a media-consulting firm. Within two weeks of Trayvon’s death, his mother filed legal documents to trademark his name. Soon after, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton set out on a cross-country tour and even went to Europe to collect money. While Sybrina Fulton already had a $68,768 salary with the Miami-Dade County government, she also received an eight-month paid vacation worth $40,825.

Rapper Jay Z and the Weinstein Company are partnering on a series of film and television projects about Trayvon. The projects are reportedly based on two books – “Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It” by attorney Lisa Bloom (daughter of Gloria Allred) and “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin” by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. How’s that for objectivity?!

If Trayvon’s parents were honest, they would admit they failed him, but they’re not, so they’re pushing a lie and exploiting their dead son. We know Trayvon is being given a silly posthumous degree to continue falsifying his life story. Just like the “gentle giant” Mike Brown and others. Their stories are altered to make them appear as victims who were unjustly cut down. Making them look better than they were also absolves the rotten parents of their failing.

What message is being sent out to society, and to young black men? Like suicide bombers, young black men are made to think there’s heroism in their lives when many have been nothing but a menace to society.
Rampant immorality caused primarily by the breakdown of the black family is ultimately to blame for black anger and violence. Canonizing thugs and excusing bad black parents only perpetuates the problem.


Read Jesse Lee Peterson’s Biography


Tom Deweese: Trump orders State Department to slash $5B from UN budget

Trump orders State Department to slash $5B from UN budget – This is what you and I have been waiting for!”

by Tom DeWeese

Two major actions have been taken in Washington, DC to prepare to end the tyranny of the United Nations.
You and I must not let these opportunities die!

First, President Trump has ordered the State Department to slash $5 billion from the money we pay in dues to the United Nations. That’s a full 50% of the money the United States wastes on this tyrannical, globalist threat every year!

Clearly the United Nations stands as a direct threat to the ideals and principles of the United States. Slashing these American payments from the UN budget will greatly reduce the UN threat. It must be done.
But President Trump is under huge pressure from the Left. They are attacking every move he makes. And they are furious that he is now threatening the United Nations.

That’s why President Trump must know that he has your STRONG support to slash our UN payments.
To help you send that strong message of support to President Trump I have included a personal email for you to sign and send to him.


Slashing the UN budget by 50% – that one move – if successful – would mark the doom of the United Nations. The UN depends on the United States to pay its bills and supply it with an army- our American soldiers forced to do the UN’s bidding. That’s a disgrace. President Trump wants that to stop – now.

The United States pays more than one fourth of all the UN’s budget. Without the United State paying its bills, the UN will simply cease to exist. President Trump has taken the first step to make that happen.
And now you and I also have a SECOND way to help end the United Nation’s threat. New legislation by Alabama Representative Mike Rogers (HR 193) calls for the end of US membership in the UN.

You and I can now attack the UN from two directions!

We need to build support for Rep. Rogers’ bill to get us out of the UN.
Showing strong support for both of these efforts means we WILL damage the United Nations. We will cut funding and we will build support to end our membership. We must do both!


The UN is already in a panic. They know this can all happen. And the UN is trying to fight back. In fact, they have just threatened to take away the US vote on the Security Council.

Tom DeWeese’s book, “Erase: A Political Thriller”

Good! Let them. That can only strengthen our fight to get out of the UN.
Please help me lead this fight. I need to let President Trump know that we support him. It’s vital that you sign the Email of Support to President Trump. Tell him that you support his efforts to stop payments to the UN.

Together you and I can win this fight.

My American Policy Center (APC) is a recognized leader in the fight to get us out of the UN. I’ve been on the front lines of that fight for several decades.

APC has exposed the UN’s plans to destroy our national sovereignty through Agenda 21. In fact, APC made Agenda 21 a major national issue that’s now being fought in city councils and state legislatures across the country.

Of course, for that effort I have been personally attacked on the front page of the New York Times and in the Washington Post. The Southern Poverty Law Center has written four separate reports attacking me by name. Several years ago APC collected more than a million signed petitions to support former Congressman Ron Paul’s bill to get us out of the UN.

In fact, in the year 2000, during the UN Millennium Conference, APC sponsored a national news conference on Capitol Hill. It was carried on national television. At that national news conference I personally delivered over half a million petitions to support Rep. Paul’s bill to get us out of the UN.

Now, Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers has reintroduced a new bill (H.R. 193) to end U.S. membership in the United Nations. His bill also demands that the UN leave American soil. Americans are beginning to understand the UN threat. Obama actually stood before the UN General Assembly and called for Americans to surrender our national sovereignty to this world body.

As Obama worked feverishly to build UN intrusion into our lives through actions like Agenda 21 and by joining the UN’s Strong Cities Network to militarize our police, the rest of the world started to revolt against UN global policies that are destroying their national independence and economies. Countries like England and France now get the message that the UN is bad news for their freedom and independence.

Now there is growing support in our own Congress to stop funding the UN and even to get us completely out of it. The idea of pulling back on paying UN dues has been expressed by several members of Congress in recent months.

Our time has come – if we demand action now! 


Since its founding, the UN has advocated the desire to eradicate sovereign nations — while imposing what it calls “world-mindedness. In the 1990’s, Maurice Strong said, “it is not feasible for sovereignty to be exercised unilaterally by individual nation/states, however powerful.”

The UN’s real goal is to destroy the ideal the United States was founded on – limited government, individual freedom and free enterprise.
The UN wants the power to tax us.
The UN wants its own army to control us.
The UN already has its own court.
Those three things are all it needs to become a world government.
You and I must stop it. And now we have a President who agrees – the UN is a danger to American freedom.

Now we have the chance to end the UN’s tyranny.

I pledge to you that my American Policy Center will work tirelessly to build support for Rep. Mike Rogers’ bill (HR.193) to end our membership in the UN. Will you now also take direct action to stop the UN by signing your Email of Support to President Donald Trump for his effort to stop sending American money to the UN?


Both efforts are vital if we are to build support across the nation to get us out of the UN.

Read Tom Deweese’s Biography

Did the Cosmos Arise from Nothing?

Did the Cosmos Arise from Nothing?- Something pretty mysterious. No science.”

by Bill Lockwood

If the general theory of evolution is true, then the earth and all that is in it, the entire cosmos, popped into existence from pure nothingness. This is how many internationally-acclaimed evolutionary biologists argue. They suggest a very unscientific beginning, better known as unsupported faith, defined as a “fairy tale” by their own reasoning.

A year ago, famed atheist Richard Dawkins, in a debate with Cardinal George Pell, once again asserted this “fairy tale.” Pell challenged the “something from nothing” claim that only physicists can understand but can’t demonstrate scientifically. Dawkins responded by proposing a “primeval simplicity” for the origin of the universe. No science at all. Only wishful thinking—the kind of story that should begin with “once upon a time.”

Here are Dawkins’ words: “Of course, it’s counterintuitive that you can get something from nothing. Of course, common sense does not allow you to get something from nothing. That’s why it’s interesting. It’s got to be interesting in order to give rise to the universe at all. Something pretty mysterious had to give rise to the origin of the universe.”

Something pretty mysterious. No science. No formulas from experimentation. No physical proof. Simply guesswork. Material for legends. Yet, since the story-teller is enrobed in a scientific lab coat, people must always believe it.

But not this audience. Dawkins sought to “explain” what was meant by “nothing.” “You can dispute what is meant by nothing, but whatever it is, it is very, very simple.” At this point in the debate, the audience laughs. But scientists who propose fairy tales are not used to being laughed at. So, Dawkins retorts, “Why is that funny?”

As Gary DeMar commented, “Science has become mysticism. It’s akin to the New Age nonsense of ‘the sound of one hand clapping.’ How many times have you heard atheists argue that they can’t believe in an invisible God. But it’s OK for atheists to argue that the cosmos came into existence out of nothing. ‘A physicist said it. I believe it. That settles it.’”


CIVIL WAR AND THE CONTROLLED OPPOSITION – Jesse Lee Peterson sounds off on ‘spiritual battle’ raging across America

by Jesse Lee Peterson

I have warned for 27 years since being aware: There is a war between good and evil.

Violent liberal riots recently shut down Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech in Berkeley. Trump supporters showed up some weeks ago to rally for free speech. Fights broke out as liberals attacked, and police stood down. Mere threats of violence canceled Ann Coulter’s speech last week. The failing New York Times blamed the victims: conservative speakers. But a growing number of conservatives aren’t taking it anymore.

This war is not about “racism,” although whites are truly hated due to liberal scapegoating. It’s not about “sexism,” although males are manipulated to think and feel like women, and are punished when they don’t (see Bill O’Reilly).

The war on whites by those who hate America, and the war on men by those who hate masculinity, is neither about race nor sex, but about power. The intent is to weaken the people who represent good – often white men – so they sink to the moral level of angry blacks, angry Hispanics and liberal women, so no good example remains to stand in the way of the wicked. This evil campaign has been largely successful, until Trump.

We could see the country’s division during the close, controversial election of George W. Bush. Because of his weakness in not defending himself, because he catered to political correctness, that division only grew, which brought us Obama.

During Obama’s presidency, liberals complained that “racist” Republicans didn’t let him do anything, while conservatives complained that cowardly Republicans refused to stop Obama for fear of being called “racist.” Barack exacerbated the divide like no other president in history, spreading lies and justifying hate against men of authority (including police and good men like Sheriff Joe Arpaio).

When Donald Trump emerged, even some “conservatives” called him a divider. But he divides the way Christ divided – with the truth. He exposed the lie within once-trusted conservatives, do-nothing politicians, the controlled opposition in our midst. Actually, anyone with anger can be controlled, and is controlled opposition – one who pretends or wants to fight for good, but due to weakness actually helps the side of evil.

Order Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”

But Donald Trump is also a uniter with the truth like no other president I’ve seen: As a man of strength without anger, he won over supporters from young people, libertarians, tea-party leaders, blacks, Democrats, even Bernie Sanders socialists. I commented a year ago how he beautifully preached unity at Liberty University, and he urged Christians to band together and support one another.

Today, we are in a spiritual war. Evil has grown and come out in the open like never before in America.
Homosexuals and drag queens are out in public, backed by politicians and judges, suing Christians, forcing us to pretend they’re right. Black Lives Matter, supported by the media and Obama, brazenly hurl false accusations against whites and police, even inciting murder.

Illegal aliens, blacks and Antifa communists assault Trump supporters in the streets. Yet mainstream media pretend Trump and his supporters are the hateful ones. The “fake news” media reported a spike in “hate crimes” that ended up being liberal hoaxes, and they gave precious little attention to correcting the record.

Whites, Christians and men feel angry at the insanity, injustice and demonization against them. But I strongly urge against this: With anger, you will lose. I told Owen Shroyer of InfoWars how much fun I’m having: This is the best time to be alive in America. Evil clearly reveals itself now, but because I forgave my mother and father, I am completed within, and I have perfect peace and no doubt. I deal with evil in the world, but it never gets to me. I sleep like a baby each night after a good day fighting evil.

It’s not just a “battle of ideas” to convince other people, nor a physical fight, although we wield the truth and should protect ourselves. It’s a spiritual battle. With anger, you become the enemy you’re trying to fight – because anger is of your father, the devil.

I interviewed white advocate Jared Taylor about the Alt-Right. He said that some in the Alt-Right are so rabidly anti-feminist that they get accused of hating women. He said some blame Jews for the anti-white direction of the country, many being angry at feeling unfairly villainized from a young age by academia, media and government propaganda.

I pointed out that anger does no one any good. Young whites who blame Jews act like blacks who blame “white supremacy” for their plight. Everybody failing in life blames somebody else. In reality, their parents let them down. They must forgive and fight with love, not hate. There will always be evil people doing evil things. But there is never justification for anger.

If we are to win this civil war in America, we on the side of good must ourselves become good, not angry and blaming the liberal media, politicians who betray us, nor anyone or anything else. Then we will see clearly to hold media and politicians accountable, as Trump does. Then we can become the leaders that we need.


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