List of Obama’s Czars

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Czars Invade The Capitol!

“It is true that liberty is precious – so precious that it must be rationed”
VLeninVladimir Lenin

What is a Czar? Originally, the title Czar (derived from Ceasar) meant Emperor in the European medieval sense of the term, that is, a ruler who claims the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of another emperor or a supreme ecclesiastical official (the Pope or the Ecumenical Patriarch). Occasionally, the word could be used to designate other, non-Christian, supreme rulers. In Russia and Bulgaria the imperial connotations of the term were blurred with time and, by the 19th century, it had come to be viewed as an equivalent of King. While President Barack Obama did not invent the position of czar in Washington, he is on his way to owning the title of President with the Most Czar’s. As Obama names more policy czars to his White House team, some lawmakers and Washington interest groups are raising concerns that he may be subverting the authority of Congress and concentrating too much power in the presidency. In fact, one could call it a first-rate power grab. The alarming thing about czar’s is that they operate with impunity and they are “under the radar” when it comes to making policy. They are accountable to nobody, except the administration. So in effect we have NON-ELECTED officials, who are backed by The White House, who are given the tools and resources to do the bidding of the President and they are accountable to NO ONE! These czar’s don’t have to undergo Senate Confirmation Hearings, they just get appointed. Therefore, we should, at the very least, know who they are.

 America’s Czar’s:

Medicare Czar Donald M. Berwick • Auto Task Force Czar Ron Bloom

 • Border Czar Alan Bersin Energy czar Carol Browner, Salary $172,200

Urban czar Adolfo Carrion, Jr., Salary $158,500Health Foods Czar Sam Kass

Infotech/Public Information czar Vivek Kundra • Mortgage Czar (Open)

Faith-based czar Joshua DuBois, Salary $98,000 New TARP czar Herb Allison (C)

Health reform czar Nancy-Ann DeParle, Salary $158,000

Stimulus accountability czar Earl Devaney • Performance Czar Jeffrey Zients

Non-proliferation/WMD czar Gary Samore • Drug czar Gil Kerlikowske (C)

Terrorism czar John Brennan, Salary $172,200 Economic Czar Paul Volcker

Regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, Salary $172,200 Technology Czar Aneesh Chopra (C)

Salary/Pay/Compensation Czar Kenneth Feinberg • Great Lakes Czar Cameron Davis

Cyber Security Czar Howard Schmidt • Guantanamo closure czar Daniel Fried.

Car Czar Ed Montgomery (Steve Rattner?) • Weather/Science Czar John Holdren (C)

Intelligence Czar James R. Clapper (Nominated) • Copyright Czar Victoria A. Espinel

Green Jobs Czar Van Jones (No longer Czar) • Domestic Violence Czar Lynn Rosenthal

AIDS Czar Jeffery Crowley, Salary $102,000

TARP Oversight Czar Elizabeth Warren • Weapons Czar Ashton Carter (C) dod

Special Envoy Czars:

Iran Czar (Open) • Mideast Peace Czar George Mitchell

Af-Pak Richard Holbrooke, Salary $259,700/office • Sudan Czar J. Scott Gration

Southwest Asia Czar Dennis Ross • Climate Special Todd Stern

Eurasian Energy Richard Morningstar, Salary $420,750/office

*NEW* Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues Melanne Verveer

(The dollar amounts to the side of a few indicate their salary as of July 2009.)

(Those Czars with the letter “C” beside them are confirmed by the Senate. As you can see, there are only seven.)

So there you have it. Obama’s Czars. Does anyone know ANYTHING about these people? That’s the point. You don’t know them so they are anonymous. They’re anonymous and they will eventually be held unaccountable!

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