New World Green Climate Religion Threatens Christianity

Bill Lockwood 


Many Christians have been oblivious that the United States, operating through the United Nations, is seeking to replace Christianity, upon which our nation was founded, by a new GREEN religion. That religion is Environmentalism and its preachers, including our president, Joe Biden, have declared a Climate Emergency. That demands that you pay homage to it with your “donations”—tax dollars.  


If one does not think that the Environmental movement is a religion, consider just a smattering of recent facts—among many others which can be brought forward. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated on November 12, 2019, that we are “to believe in Climate Change as though it’s a religion, it’s not a science.” That’s right–a religion, not science.  


At the Climate Realist Conference, an alternative to the United Nations Climate Conference in Madrid (2019), many world-class scientists compared the new Green Deal of Climate Alarmism to a religion, a cult.  


This included MIT Meteorologist Richard Lindzen, Dr. Ivstan Marko, a chemistry professor at the Catholic University, and others. Marko called the Climate Crusaders of the Democratic Party globalists a “climate cult” that has developed a “dangerous theology.”  


“It’s a new religion going on,” Marko explained. But the most interesting scientist was William Happer, the renown Princeton physicist, who spoke of the “non-existent climate emergency.” He hopes that “enough people will recognize the phoniness of this bizarre environmental cult and bring it to an end.”  


The problem, says Happer, is that there has been so much brainwashing done that it will be very difficult to bring people back to their senses. Christians, beware.  

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