We’re Changing People’s Lives!

By: Bill Lockwood

“We’re changing people’s lives!” President Joe Biden was practically trembling when he bellowed out his old-man tight-lipped trembling defense of his reckless unconstitutional spending bills.

Biden was referring to two large spending bills in his speech to AFL-CIO members last week. The first spending bill was the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act which Democrats passed last year without Republican support, and last year’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill.”

Critics have pointed out that Biden is indeed “changing people’s lives”—for the worst. With record high inflation, with wages in the jobs market driven down by open borders, with an open warfare against the fossil fuel industry that has given us all-time high prices at the gasoline pump—Biden has indeed “changed lives.”

But let’s take Biden at his word–an extremely naïve thing to do considering his lack of character—and assume he is indeed “improving people’s lives.” What is actually occurring? Break it down.

The president sounds like any pulpit-thumping preacher doesn’t he? The message is seemingly the same. Emphasis upon the word “seemingly.”


Socialism has an iron fist hidden within the velvet glove. When I preach in the church about changing people’s lives—if we are talking about giving money for benevolence-type work such as giving to a food bank or contributing for the poor—I am depending upon the persuasiveness of the message itself.

In other words, if I insist that our missionaries in South Africa or Ukraine are needing financing in order to operate a soup kitchen, I can be fervent to encourage the coffers to grow. If people are not persuaded that these are pressing causes, or if there are more pressing causes to which they would rather give, then the collection basket is light. Or, if they wish not to give, that is their decision. The decision-making is left to the people.

What does government do? By the unconstitutional “confiscation—redistribution” program of socialism, there is not choice by taxpayers. Freedom is gone. But more.

Totalitarian thinking has so pickled the minds and judgments of politicians in our socialistic quagmire, that old man Joe can actually brag about using our money to do what HE wants to do—and brag about it.


No, Joe. You are not “changing people’s lives.” The American taxpayers are and you are just using your illegally-obtained power to make us do it. There is no “WE” are changing people’s lives.

If I am a school principal and use my authority to force a child to split his lunch with a child who has none, it comes with poor grace for me to pat the sullen child on the back and say, “See there? We just fed the hungry!”

No, Mr. Principal, if you split your lunch with the needy and I of my own accord followed your example to also share with the needy—then you can say, “We fed the hungry!”

To be accurate, what Joe should have said was, I (and the lawless Democrats) have used unconstitutional force to make you pony-up the money to “change people’s lives.” Now don’t you feel better?

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