The Bible & Slavery, Islam & Slavery, Reparations & Slavery! (Recorded 07/13/21)

  1. After noting some TEXAS news; Bill notes The Bible and Slavery with a short examination of 1 Cor. 7: 17-24. Inspired writers did not use a sledgehammer to break down the evil institutions of slavery, but allowed the gospel, permeating the heart, to change the culture from the inside out. In view of that, Paul instructs the Corinthians that if they were converted to Christ “being a slave”–don’t worry about. There is something far more important–their spiritual well-being.
  1. A hard-hitting segment regarding: Islam & Slavery. Mohammed was the “perfect Muslim” to all Muslims today. According to the authoritative texts of Islam (the Koran; the Sunna, inclusive of his biography and the Hadith, what he said) Mohommed not only himself OWNED slaves, including a black slave; but was a slaver trader and slave abuser himself. The Koran actually teaches the practice of slavery. So here is the Question: WHY DON’T WE HEAR ANY CRITICISM OF ISLAM IN THE CULTURE TODAY? Not in the news; not in the schools; not in Congress–everyone is silent about it. Yet, there it is in the Koran. There it is in the Life of Mohammed.
  1. Col. Scott Lockwood (USAF, ret); speaks about “Reparations and Slavery” (Part 2). Scott Lockwood’s careful analysis includes a fascinating story of Robert Smalls, a former slave and Union ship captain, and the example of Christian charity he exemplified to his former slave owners. What America REALLY needs to be about is a spiritual reformation instead of digging through materials to cause people to be inflamed.

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