The American Debacle in Afghanistan! Guest: Alex Newman (Recorded 08/17/2021)

  1. The American Debacle in Afghanistan. Robert Spencer has an article on that explains exactly WHY American “nation-building” has failed in Afghanistan.
  1. Restorative Justice in the Public Schools. Walter Williams calls “Restorative Justice” “Educational Sabotage.” Why? (continuation of discussion from last week)
  2. GUEST: ALEX NEWMAN: Newman weighs in on (1) Afghanistan disaster; a “turning point” in American history; (2) The Paris Climate Accord. This disastrous “treaty” commits the United States to curb large percentages of its “carbon emissions” while CHINA becomes the beneficiary. Listen to this segment to discover why. (Segments 3 & 4).

American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America — not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and radio host with a weekly program based in West Texas.

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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ.

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