Restorative Justice, Consequences of Socialism in a Free Society. (Recorded: 08/03/2021)

Special Edition: A Consequence-Free Society

  1. Consequence-Free Society. Socialism transfers the consequences of crime, misbehavior, and sin onto law-abiding citizens. EXAMPLE: San Francisco, June 15, 2021. Jean Lugo-Romero rides his bicycle into Walgreens, fills bags with stolen items and rides out–all recorded and posted on Twitter. The DA of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin, is more interested in Why the criminal committed the acts of thievery than in upholding the law. This is becoming commonplace in our society.
  1. Restorative Justice. From the newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer (Mar. 26, 2021); hundreds of looters and rioters during the George Floyd riots damaged private property in stores and stolen merchandise will NOT face the consequences of their lawless behavior. The city’s DA, Larry Krasner, opts for a program to keep over 500 out of jail for their criminal behavior. It is called “Restorative Justice.” It basically means that criminal activity is carried on with impunity by “counseling, referrals to education and job opportunities” instead. The private store-owners, who sustained hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and stolen goods, will have to live with their own losses. Restorative Justice means Lawlessness and Disorder.

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