Special Show dedicated solely to the concept of PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.


1.) Why did Karl Marx make “abolition of private property” the first plank in his platform?


2.) Why did our Founders consider private property a natural right from God?


3.) Most of the show is dedicated to reviewing the fabulous work by Hernando de Soto entitled The Mystery of Capital. (a) What IS Private Property? (b) Why Does Capitalism NOT work in Third World Countries? Most of them have MORE LATENT WEALTH than does the United States. Why do they remain poor? (c) Why Foreign Aid does not work. (d) Private property breeds respect for law and order–which we lose in a socialistic society. (e) Private property enhances individualism. 

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American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America — not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and radio host with a weekly program based in West Texas.

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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ.

Catch Bill on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show last Tuesday of the month, 8am U.S. Central Time (Jesse’s first hour). YouTube Playlist

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