American Liberty Radio Show with Lt. Col. Allen West

1. Is Secession Constitutional? “An Open Letter to Citizens of Texas” “An Answer to Rep. James Frank (TX-69) on the legality of secession. HB 1359, which calls for a “referendum vote” has been introduced into the TX house, and Frank says it is “illegal.” This is wrong. Secession is not based upon “statutory law”–but upon the grant of Almighty God that people have a right to live under a government to which they can freely give consent.
2. Short session pertaining to the STOLEN ELECTION. People are encouraged to watch a video cast by “My Pillow” Mike Lindell (produced by The New American) which outlines PROOF POSITIVE of the stolen election.
3. Guest: Lt. Col. Allen West; Chairman of the State of Texas Republican Party. West talks about a number of issues, from Joe Biden’s unconstitutional executive orders, to the need for Texas to NULLIFY unconstitutional laws; to what he calls “the Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations”–relating to “Black History Month.”
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American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America — not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and radio host with a weekly program based in West Texas.

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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ.

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