Have We Seen the Last of FREE Elections?


Have We Seen the Last of FREE Elections? Lockwood cites 


  1. Note the HATE toward Trump this time. FIRST one to tell UN, no. 


  1. Dems have already promised to CHANGE rules of game. (a) Supreme Court justices added? (b) New States to be added? (c) Open borders? New “citizens” (d) Promises to Rid us of the Electoral College. The Result: Middle America gone. 


  1. Integrity of elections–gone. 


  1. Brainwashed Americans in schools. Conservatives LOST Universities long ago. Pumping out little Hitler’s and Mussolini’s and Stalin’s. Love socialism. Can America Take four more years of that? 


  1. Open Borders in CA–give us liberalism. Same now in AZ?


  1. IMMORALITY, USA. (a) Abortion; (b) Homosexual Marriage. Unless we repent before God we are not going to get our nation back. 


Special Guests: Analysis of Election & Current America 


  1. John Kachelman. 
  2. Col. (Ret.) Scott Lockwood
  3. Alex Newman

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