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  1. The Chinese Connection. Family planning in China is highlighted. Is America headed this way? Apparently so, with homosexual “marriage” now having become legal, and laws being bent to allow these to “adopt” children–wombs for rent may be around the corner, with government oversight, of course. Highlighted in the book by Kimberly Ells, The Invincible Family. Ultimately, WHICH candidate: President Trump, or Joe Biden–is soft on China? The answer is obvious.
  1. California Wild-fires. Who or What is to Blame? Climate Change? No. It goes back to “Re-inventing Government” by Bill Clinton and Al Gore whereby “Biocentrism” was adopted and management of forests and woodlands was dramatically changed. Today, with little management such as harvesting and clearing, trees are allowed to grow much more closely together than ever before. This is highlighted in an article in The Epoch Times (9/16-22/20, p. A 17) by H. Sterling Burnett. “Unnatural density allowed what were formerly isolated pockets of insect manifestations to morph into massive infestations killing large swaths of forests. There are now more dead trees in many federal forests than live ones, drying out and become growing stockpile of fuel for wildfires.”
  1. John Kachelman, Jr. Alabama preacher, teacher, missionary. “Consider Yourselves Warned, America!” John points out that major alarm bells are ringing, if we will but have ears to hear them. One of these is the softening of Americans to accept a “delayed results” from the election. John exposes the TRANSITION INTEGRITY PROJECT, and its organizers, including John Podesta and Bill Kristol. Another major player, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is lining up America with propaganda to influence the upcoming election in favor of Biden.

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American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America — not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and radio host with a weekly program based in West Texas.

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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ.

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