DNC & BLM- Ignoring the Facts and Real Science: Special Guest Kevin Hunter

1.) America’s Civil War. America is in the midst of a civil war. With inner cities looking like portions of Baghdad, and the Democrats that run the cities openly threatening President Trump–what are Americans to do? 

Carroll Quigley, one of Bill Clinton’s mentors, confesses that there is a CONSPIRACY afoot in the United States to take us in a Marxist direction. The book is Tragedy and Hope (former Georgetown Univ. professor)

2.) Climate Change Hoax. Part 2 of discussion begun last week.

First, Climate Change is not scientific at all. It is based on the false idea of “Biocentrism.”

Second, Climate Change is a RELIGIOUS CHANGE. A different “religious orientation” is necessary to bring about the New Green Deal.

3.) Interview with Kevin Hunter, running for Mayor of Wichita Falls.

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