BLM and DNC: Anti-Christian and Anti-American: David Horowitz (06/11/2020)


Recorded on 06/11/2020

(1) Black Lives Matter is Anti-Christian. More and more Christians and preachers of churches are being forced by political correctness to bow the knew to #BLM. But this is in ignorance of what it is and weakness against the attack of Satan. The BLM is ANTI CHRISTIAN and ANTI FAMILY.

(2) Vinidicating the Founders on SLAVERY. Misinformation abounds throughout the entire curriculum, from grade school to graduate school, that our Founders did not intend to apply “All men are created equal” to blacks and slaves. That is a LIE fabricated by the Left.

(3,4) Guest DAVID HOROWITZ. Author of the new Book BLITZ: Trump Will Smash The Left and Win. His previous book Dark Agenda, the War to Destroy Christian America, will also be discussed. His recent article is entitled: “The Democrat Party is At War with America.”

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