Communists Cry Racism; Walter D. Kennedy, Confederate Mythbuster (5/14/20)

Recorded May 14, 2020: American Liberty with Bill Lockwood

(1) Communism. In this segment is discussed “Dialectic and Conduct.” The prime idea here is that communism has ALWAYS sought to subvert America along Racial lines. Witnessing the current culture shows how successful this strategy has been.  

(2) Constitution. How Did America become a Welfare State?  

(3-4) Walter D. Kennedy, author of The Confederate Myth-Buster. This is not simply about the War Between the States, but about the basic concepts of our Constitution and whether or not states have a right to secede in the face of federal takeover of personal liberties?  

American Liberty with Bill Lockwood is about the culture of America — not simply about politics. Bill Lockwood is a preacher, teacher, writer, and longtime radio host dedicated to educating the people. Read his blog 


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Bill Lockwood is a preacher at Iowa Park church of Christ. 

Catch Bill on The Jesse Lee Peterson Show last Tuesday of the month, 8am U.S. Central Time (Jesse’s first hour). YouTube Playlist

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