Government Shutdown: All You Need to Know About Democrats

Government Shutdown: All You Need to Know About Democrats “Either DACA is in the spending bill or Democrats are voting to block.”

by Bill Lockwood

All one needs to know about the Democratic Party in America can be seen in the current Government Shutdown. In spite of the flurry of misinformation that the Main Stream Media continues to pour forth, there are two basic facts about the party of Schumer and Pelosi that are as clear as it gets–to those who have eyes to see.

One, the Democratic Party prioritizes illegals over the military and citizens who receive government benefits. Remember first that DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) illegals are here because President Obama lawlessly legislated from the Oval Office. This Obama himself admitted. In October 2010, Obama responded to demands that he implement immigration reforms unilaterally by saying “I am not king. I can’t do these things by myself.”

He later confessed that he could not suspend deportations through executive order (October 2010) and could not “bypass Congress and change the immigration law” himself (May 2011). However, in 2012 he did it anyway. After Congress explicitly rejected bills to do what Obama wished, he himself put DACA in place to provide “legal status” to illegals. The DACA problem is the result of a lawless Obama. If this does not cause concerned citizens to understand how the leadership of the Democratic Party works, nothing will.

It continues. This weekend 224 House Republicans voted to keep the government open with a clean spending bill. SIX Democrats in favor of it. In the Senate 46 Republicans voted to keep the government open; FOUR Democrats voted to keep government open. This means that 95% of the Democrats voted to shut it down.

Why? Let Chuck Schumer tell us. He labels this a “Trump Shutdown” because of the president’s inability “to accept an immigration deal” on which Democrats have made some concessions. In other words, even though not one thing was cited by Democrats in the spending bill with which they disagreed, Democrats refused to vote for it because it did not contain their demands on DACA.

Schumer went on to say after the vote was taken this weekend: “Every American knows the Republican Party controls the White House, the Senate, and the House,” He argued that it is a failure of Republicans “to govern” and “to not consult the minority party.” (

This is blatant hypocrisy added to his “Trump Shutdown Lie.” Who cannot remember during the ObamaCare debates the pictures of the closed doors behind which Democrats worked out their socialized medicine without consulting a single Republican nor allowing them into negotiation?

But aside from this fact, Schumer confesses here that the reason the government is SHUT DOWN is a failure by the Republicans to “consult them.” On what? DACA. Either DACA is in the spending bill or Democrats are voting to block. Republicans must “accept an immigration deal” or it is no funding the government, including the military, for Democrats.

Two, Democrats routinely lie. This does not dispute that Republicans have lied as well, for sin goes to either side of the aisle. However, the entire Democrat narrative here, that this is somehow a Trump Shutdown, is an institutionalized lie. And this tactic has become routine.

A filibuster was in progress this weekend in the Senate by Democrats. This is an “obstructionist tactic” to prevent measures from being brought to a vote. How can this in any way be labeled a Republican shutdown?

Kamala Harris is a Democratic Senator from California. Hear her comment on the shutdown. “We need this government shutdown to end as quickly as possible. Make your voice heard right now and tell Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and all the Republicans to do the right thing. Sign my petition to Republican leaders demanding they pass a bipartisan resolution that will reopen the government and protect the Dreamers from deportation.”

There you have it. It is not simply about funding the government. There is no funding the government by Democrats unless their demands on so-called Dreamers is met. Holding government hostage. Dreamers over military. That is the name of the Democratic game.

But the Democrat lie continues. Schumer and fellow Democrats have categorized Congress as “Republican controlled.” This would only be true if a simple majority were required to pass any legislation or spending bill. However, 60 votes are required in the Senate to pass the spending bill which means that a minority might hold the entire Congress and nation hostage. And that is exactly what is occurring. But in the spirit of communism-socialism the bigger the lie and oftener repeated, the more likely many will be to believe it.

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