What’s the Problem, Republicans?

What’s the Problem, Republicans?- “Turn it around. Repeal ObamaCare now…”

by Bill Lockwood

According to The Washington Post, Republicans have voted a total of 54 times to repeal, revoke, or tweak the ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) law during President Obama’s tenure in office. Voters continually heard the whining from Republicans that they, at first, did not have enough votes to repeal it completely. Then we gave them both houses of Congress. Whimpering from Republicans took on a new form: “President Obama will just veto our bills.” Now Republicans have both houses of Congress as well as the Oval Office. But, according to multiple media reports, a plan by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) will simply “repair” it. This is deception.

According to Ken Cuccinelli, the president of Senate Conservatives Action, the plan written by the House includes advanceable, refundable tax credits to buy insurance—a costly new entitlement. More empowering of the IRS to write checks to people who pay no taxes is not what the Trump Revolution is about!

Ryan’s plan also includes retaining portions of ObamaCare, including Medicaid expansion. Growth of government. Senator Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), another leading Neo-Con, is poised to accuse the opposition to RyanCare of “blocking repeal”, when in point of fact they are betraying the American Voter.

This reminds me of what President Reagan used to lament: government programs are the nearest thing to eternal life found on this planet. Especially is this the case when Republicans have not the backbone, will, fortitude, or desire to roll back government expansion that citizens might enjoy God-given liberty.

Former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), who now heads the Heritage Foundation, says it just right: “We must and we can repeal ObamaCare now… They should send that same bill to President Trump right now.” I suggest that conservatives take the position of the much criticized Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She said, “Let’s pass it [ObamaCare] to find out what’s in it.” Turn it around. REPEAL ObamaCare now—then we will worry about what are the effects and what to do about them tomorrow.

Democrats complain that up to 18 million insured will lose their coverage. This argument illustrates that the Democrats are always playing fast-pitch hardball and the Republicans are playing slow-pitch softball. What did Obama “care” that millions would lose their current coverage; pay higher premiums; pay huge deductibles; have inferior plans; be forced to purchase coverages that they did not need; be forced into poorer care?

Costs of coverage under ObamaCare in Arizona have sky-rocketed over 100%. In Oklahoma it is the same as well as numerous other states. Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of ObamaCare, admitted that they had to LIE to the American people in order to get it passed, which Obama was nimble enough with a compliant media to do. Democrats knew full-well that all of this turmoil would ensue after cramming through mandated medicine. They were simply elated to push us into a more socialized state.

If Republicans cannot get as excited to return to a more limited government by negating the most unpopular expansion of government since the time of FDR—Repeal ObamaCare Now—they will ensure that Donald Trump will be a one-term president.

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