Jesse Lee Peterson: The left only knows how to destroy

The Left Only Knows How to Destroy Madonna told people at the Women’s March on Washington that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

by Jesse Lee Peterson

Sedition: The crime of saying, writing, or doing something that encourages people to disobey their government – Merriam-Webster

Leftists’ hatred for conservatives is nothing new, but they’ve seriously ramped up their violent protests since the election of President Donald Trump. What’s setting them off?

The left hates God, and it hates real men who display Godly authority. For leftist males, the contrast between President Trump’s strength and their weakness is just too painful. For leftist females, the president represents the masculine force that limits their irrational excesses, such as their hell-bent desire to kill unborn children.

Though they deflect by calling the president a liar, leftist males and females are really angry because Mr. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises to restore order.

Due to their seething hatred for all that is good, most leftists do not have the creative energy to actually build things; they only have enough power to tear down what is good. This is why Barack Obama was so successful in undoing the U.S. health care system, nearly collapsing the U.S. economy, weakening the military, and breaking down trust between police and citizens. Obama and the Democrats in Congress continue to encourage the rage against Donald Trump that is boiling over into violent protests, boycotts and death threats.

Recently, anti-Trump mobs blocked airports over the president’s travel ban. Protesters destroyed property and attacked Trump supporters at U.C. Berkley. Disturbed rapper Eminem just released a rap about raping and killing my friend, Ann Coulter, for her conservative views. Madonna told people at the Women’s March on Washington that she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Deranged Democrat “activists” tried to assault new Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Left-wing groups also bullied retail giants Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sears, Kmart and T.J. Maxx into pulling Ivanka Trump’s brand from their stores.

What’s happening now clearly shows just how far gone America actually was when President Trump took office. The left had a stranglehold over America, and we were on the verge of losing our country. Over the past eight years, they were aggressively implementing their socialist agenda and laying the groundwork to, as Obama promised, “Fundamentally transform America.” Now that their hold on power is threatened and their destructive agendas are being rolled back, they’re freaking out and being exposed for the nasty people they are!

According to a German study, 92 percent of left-wing protesters arrested on suspicion of politically fueled offences in Berlin are young men who live with their parents. I’m sure this is true with most of the left-wing anti-Trump “activists” in the U.S.

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Leftists are heirs to the violent revolutionaries of history – the Russian and Chinese communists, the brown shirts in Nazi Germany and others come to mind. We know what happens when “idealistic” young agitators “resist” in the wrong way against the existing law and order, and tear it down with the false promise of building a utopia—millions die.

Yet, there are major organizations promoting this growing unrest and violence against a duly elected administration, and Barack Obama is at the center of it. Obama is setting up shop just a couple of miles from the White House to organize these left-wing malcontents in an attempt to salvage his own legacy (ego) and derail President Trump’s agenda.

Obama has mobilized an army of 30,000 agitators who will fight every step of Trump’s presidency through a network of leftist nonprofits led by Organizing for Action, the New York Post reported. According to the Post, sources said Obama commanded the recent widespread anti-Trump riots across U.S. cities. These anarchists jammed airports to protest President Trump’s travel ban. Obama even tweets from OFA’s official account, insiders said. If true, this is sedition, pure and simple, and Obama should be identified as an enemy of the American people.

The left is trying to copy the success of the tea-party movement by organizing at the grass roots. The “Indivisible Guide: A Practical Guide to Resisting A Trump Agenda” is a website with downloadable files containing action points that teach supporters how to effectively lobby and disrupt to get results.

Their comrades are turning out by the thousands to shout down Republican members of Congress at town halls. Left-wing activists recently showed up at Rep. Jason Chaffetz’s town hall in Utah and demanded that that he investigate Donald Trump and save Obamacare. They repeatedly shouted down Chaffetz. Chaffetz was an anti-Trump voice throughout the presidential campaign, which likely explains the lack of Republican support at his event.

The evil on the left has been growing relatively quietly for years, and now that its power is being threatened, it’s rearing its ugly head. Americans are fortunate to be able to see this evil and violent enemy – emboldened and encouraged by Obama and the Democratic Party – before it grows too powerful. Now that we plainly see the malevolence of the left, we need to rally around President Trump’s America-first agenda, so we can finally cut the head off of this vicious monster before it destroys everything.


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