Socialism is a Denial of the Reality of Human Nature

Socialism is a Denial of the Reality of Human Nature –“Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps”  -Karl Marx

by Bill Lockwood

Socialism is an anti-God philosophy which is born and incubated in the atheistic laboratory. How is this the case? The philosophy of socialism is a sub-category of the world-view of Materialism. At the heart of the system is the basic premise that the behavior of man is shaped solely by the economic system. All factors determining human action have a materialistic base, per Socialism.

Vergilius Ferm, in his Encyclopedia of Religion, explains this gross error of socialism. “American socialism is heir to the tradition of materialism and atheism. It relies on the growth of automatic perfection, not indeed by virtue of the given natural faculties of man, but as the product of causally inevitable economic changes. The result is parallel to that of the liberal utopia, a self-contained world of man, individualistic here, collectivist there, and redeemed from evil, once and for all, by the economic process, much as this requires men conscious of their opportunity. This is an overtly anti-Christian doctrine.”

Again, Oscar Jaszi, the famed Hungarian social scientist and politician, noted that socialists insist that the “immorality of the established order is traceable NOT to the …nature of man, but to ‘corrupt institutions.’”  Therefore, socialism always seeks to transform the institutions of society because they are somehow “unjust.”

Socialistic Societies Unravel

Consider the fact that, in order to improve human behavior, God has “built into the system” negative repercussions for poor choices, just as in the natural sphere. If I jumped off a two-story building, I am going to suffer. People do not voluntarily behave that way unless they are mentally disabled. Negative consequences curtail my behavior.

So also in the economic field. My failure to labor results in hunger. That pain eventually drives me to be productive. This might be called God’s Corrective Mechanism. It is natural. “If a man does not work [refusing in the context] neither let him eat.” In the end, improvement of society as a whole is accomplished by improving behavior at a personal level.

FAILURE is a teacher in all realms of life. It forms a corrective that impels me to make adjustments in my performance in sports, in my production at work or at school. If I refuse to study in school, my lack should result in the same outcome: failure. That is the built-in pain producer that causes me to improve.

Socialism, on the other hand, takes this corrective mechanism (failure, pain, etc.) and artificially transfers this to others by force of government, be it school or in the civic arena. The polarities are reversed and misguided people who make poor choices are robbed of this corrective mechanism. No one is impelled to correct or adjust their behavior. Instead the “pain” of poor choices is placed upon the working class which is financing failure. Government fiat is responsible for this while poor choices continue to mushroom.

The Working Middle Class today is paying for (carrying the load of punishment) for HEALTH CARE for others. I am being forced by government to pony up for my neighbor’s health care. All natural incentives to live a healthier life (high costs of Health Care) has been removed from my neighbor’s back and saddled on mine. Very little incentive remains to avoid a dissipated life of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. The pain has actually become mine and makes me less inclined to be productive.

I am being forced by government to pay for the HOUSING of low-income individuals. All incentives for those persons to stay in school, get a good job, and persevere are effectually removed. The burden and natural incentive to improve behavior has been artificially moved to me. But I don’t need those incentives, I am already working three jobs. Their lives continue to be impoverished because they have little incentive outside of personal pride to improve.

For that matter I am paying for the EDUCATION of other families’ children. I may have already sent my children through the educational system, but now I am paying for my neighbor’s children to receive an education. Thereby, the incentive for my neighbor not to have as many children is removed. This is exactly why middle class families are having less children and lower classes produce more. Society is thereby unraveling, but guaranteeing votes for the Democratic Party.

FOOD STAMP distribution has reached an all-time high. No accident under President Obama. These are doled out regardless of whether or not a person works or even cares to. This disgrace has reached such astronomical proportions that all the amenities of a comfortable life are now enjoyed by those in poverty: cell phones, televisions, and automobiles.

“My Baby-Daddy”

If one supposes this to be mere philosophizing about nonrealistic possibilities, I invite them to visit their local school. Single teenage girls are producing children at an alarming rate. They even talk about it as if one was visiting a breeding farm for animals—“My ‘baby-daddy’.” No fathers—just “baby-daddies.” Our culture is exploding with fatherless children and the teenage mothers have little idea that it actually COSTS something—quite a bit of something—to birth a child. Why are they so ignorant? Once again, our government has FORCED the middle-class worker to absorb the costs, those prohibitive repercussions.

None of this is to say that one’s duty is not to assist the poor. But that remains, as it should always have been, under private practice or church contribution, never government. We now have a huge under-belly in society that work little, live licentiously, produce babies, and continually make poor choices in life. Natural negative consequences that would impel them to make better life choices have been shifted by government to the middle-class.  Soon enough, it too will vanish in this false Utopia that refuses to recognize the realities of human nature.

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