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Four Ways to Use Fear and Deceit to Destroy our American Culture – “The American dream of owning a home, driving a car and planning for ones own future have become direct targets of such agency policy.”

by Tom DeWeese

“Once such control of thinking is established, it’s just a short journey to rejecting morality and losing the ability to know right from wrong. Then, they set themselves up as the answer.”

– Harold Riggers, ERASE

Our nation is being attacked and torn apart from four very specific directions. Americans are desperate to find answers and strategies to stop it. Before we can do that  we must first understand how it is being done and by whom.

I have just released a new book that, through a fictional thriller approach, gives great insight to such questions. The book is titled ERASE and features a four pronged story line. It details how we are being divided, manipulated and dumbed -down to prepare us to participate in our own demise.

Of course the most obvious attack is seen through government policy. The federal government, through the EPA, HUD, the Department of Transportation, and many more agencies are openly attacking the very concepts of free enterprise and private property rights. The American dream of owning a home, driving a car and planning for ones own future have become direct targets of such agency policy. Moreover, the legal structure of locally elected representatives deciding the future for our communities based on the wishes of those who elected them, is being destroyed through the establishment of non-elected boards and regional governments that do not answer to the people. Hordes of private, non-elected, non-governmental organizations and planning groups apply pressure for policies that many times overrule the will of the people. It’s all being funded through government grants that now give federal agents almost complete control over local decisions.

Second, that same federal control over the nation’s education system has seen the near destruction of knowledge. This will result in the creation of basically ignorant, unaware children good for little more than job training and the preparation of global citizenship. The new “citizens” come out of the public schools with nearly zero knowledge of the nation’s history, its philosophy or economic system. They are taught that there are no right or wrong answers and whatever works for them is ok. The concept of a fully rounded education that allows students to prepare for any eventuality has been replaced with little more than job training. Moreover, days in the classroom have become a drudgery of non-stop propaganda and behavior modification to impose a “proper” thought process called “Globally Acceptable Truth.” This concept advocates that the reason for wars and poverty is too much knowledge, confusing students, making life more difficult. Obedience and conformity are the true purpose of the curriculum in today’s American public education system.

Third, Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs) between government and business are becoming the new business model. There is one major problem with it. It’s not free enterprise; rather it is right out of the Mussolini fascist model. In the United States, government is assigned the task of protecting businesses to guarantee their ability to engage in commerce. But that doesn’t mean there should be partnerships between the two. The result of such PPPs is that certain companies that agree to play ball get to go to the head of the line  for the best locations and tax advantages handed out by government. Business can use its cozy partnership to assure policies that will help put their competition at a disadvantage.  to prosper and use government to help put competition out of business. Moreover, companies will use their promotion dollars to help sell the government party line, such as the need to use certain products to protect the environment. In this way they are getting us to voluntarily sacrifice our freedom of choice; change our eating habits; our mode of transportation; and our home buying decisions, all falling in line with desired government policies.

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