Obama’s America: Jailed for Christian Faith

Obama’s America: Jailed for Christian Faith

by Bill Lockwood

Kim Davis, Clerk of Rowan County, Kentucky, has been sentenced to jail by US District Court Judge David Bunning for refusing to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples. Citing the biblical passage, “We must obey God rather than man,” (Acts 5:29) Ms. Davis was scolded by Judge Bunning who says we must “respect the rule of law.” That would be king Obama’s law.
Nothing in the Constitution allows the redefining of Natural Law or our cultural norms regarding marriage. Yet, that is precisely the bitter pill that Obama’s Court has shoved down America’s throat in the Obergefell case. It amounts to Judicial Tyranny.
Instead of haranguing the Supreme Court, note that this is exactly the goal to which President Obama has been pushing, and it is going to get worse unless America awakens from its sleep-walking. Upon entering the presidential office for the first term one of his first official acts was to lawlessly order the Department of Justice to ignore the Defense of Marriage Act. Perhaps US District Court Judge David Bunning should begin his lecture about “obeying the rule of law” at the White House.
Next, we were treated to David Axelrod’s revelation that President Obama LIED to the American people as he initially campaigned for office. Always in favor of a cultural revolution including homosexual marriage, Obama told the American people that he believed in “traditional” marriage. When the coast seemed clear and the American populace were seen to be sheep tripping their way to the slaughter, Obama confessed that “he had changed his mind” on that issue and believed in homosexual marriage. Deception is his game and the liberal crowd loves to have it so.
Now we are witnessing the open violation of immigration laws by the Oval Office and the encouragement of “sanctuary cities” across the nation. These municipalities are in violation of the immigration law and socialist pundits continually whine about their “right” to ignore American civil law. This flouting of law comes straight from the President’s famous pen. But let a Kim Davis, holding religious conviction of the biblical sort, “obey God and not man” and the fury of the US Court system crashes down upon her. All with Prince Obama’s blessing.
Our founders fled to America to escape this very type of persecution. Establishing a Constitutional system grounded upon Natural Law it allowed the enjoyment of the greatest amount of freedom. This is the very underpinning of western culture which Obama so hates. Freedom does not come from government; it does not arise simply by consent of the governed or from politicians themselves or from grants from president Obama—but from God.
Once this is denied, as is now occurring in our nation, cultural chaos results in which no man is able to discern what is good or what is evil. The question all Americans need ask themselves is not, might this tyranny occur to me? But ,how soon before it comes? It has already come to Kim Davis.

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