Is Freedom Disappearing in America?


Is Freedom Disappearing in America?- “The government will create ‘zones of exemption’ for a time which presumably will include churches.”

by Bill Lockwood

The issue is freedom. It always has been. The two-world views, a God-centered Christian worldview and the socialist/communist worldview, have always clashed in America, but now that the latter has the upper hand, freedom is on the chopping block. An absolutely perfect example of this is now occurring in the state of Iowa. The Iowa Civil Rights Act has banned places of “public accommodation” from expressing their views regarding “human sexuality” if those places either “directly or indirectly” make persons of any gender “feel unwelcome.”

Under the 1964 Civil Rights Act places of “public accommodation” are forbidden by the federal government to “discriminate” against persons of any class—be it race, color, national origin or religion. Along with this the federal government empowered itself to investigate alleged violations and prosecute.

The misstep here was to reverse what the founders had intended for a limited government. As right as it may be to eliminate discrimination based upon race, the very reason that the framers of America left the oversight for this in the hands of the states and local municipalities and forbade it to the federal government was a matter of principle. Freedom has historically been enjoyed only under limited federal government.

Our second misstep has been and continues to be the refusal of the American people—even Christians—to oppose homosexuality. This in spite of the fact that the Bible demonstrably shows that sodomy is a sin, and therefore a choice that people make. Our culture has by default placed homosexuality in the same category as race. Therefore, the same laws will apply. Now comes Obama to cram “transgenderism” into the same folder. Compliant weak-spined states meekly comply.

For example, the Iowa Civil Rights commission recently explained in a brochure that refusing to use the correct pronoun in addressing transgender individuals is a form of harassment. God’s grant of freedom of speech be hanged. Discrimination is defined by that Commission as “publicizing that the patronage of persons of any particular sexual orientation or gender identity is unwelcome, objectionable, not acceptable or not solicited.” The standard is: do not to make others feel unwelcome.

Now comes the third misstep, which naturally follows from the first two. The government decides what is a legitimate or illegitimate usage of speech; in what places or zones it may occur; who might be exempt and under what conditions. The Des Moines Register reports that Kristin Johnson, director of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, assured churches that the “state code provides some exemptions for bona fide religious institutions engaged in activities with a bona fide religious purpose.”

The problem with this, as everyone who has not had their thinking by-passed by liberalism can see: this places the state in charge of deciding what is and what is not a legitimate religious institution. And remember, we are not talking about human or animal sacrifice or killing, which violates basic natural law codes.

The government will create “zones of exemption” for a time which presumably will include churches. I write, “for a time,” since it is already being discussed in some circles what constitutes a “legitimate” sermon or Bible lesson and what does not. Maura Strassberg, Drake University law professor said that “sermons that stick to human sexuality matters pertaining to theology would be constitutionally protected.” But according to the Des Moines Register she suggested that sometimes a situation may occur where a preacher’s sermonic material “crossed the line” into harassment. “There is a line: You go from ‘this is what God believes’ … to ‘You are bad, so we don’t want you here.’”

This would amount to the the state deciding what is and what is not proper sermon etiquette and content. Freedom is fast disappearing in America. Time to retrace our steps.

Socialism Breeds Corruption


Socialism Breeds Corruption- “What are the consequences of such a perversion? … In the first place, it erases from everyone’s conscience the distinction between justice and injustice.”

by Bill Lockwood

Listening to the current news should cause thinking Americans to stop and contemplate one of the prime causes of our deep-seated corruption. Corrosion in government seems to have reached new depths while personal integrity in leaders appears to be a thing of the past. Hillary Clinton, for example, following the lying pattern of Barack Obama (“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”), piles one fabrication on top of another. She actually lies about the lies she tells.

Her Benghazi fabrications, for example, are universally known and undeniable. A private email server in her bathroom in violation of federal law continues to cause people to lose their lives in Iran. The Clinton family is rife with valueless living. Obama pays ransom to the Iran government and flat-footedly denies it is a ransom. This brand of criminality is trickling down to the bottom in our once great nation. The number of people who will vote for Hillary Clinton is indicative of this.

One of the primary causes of this demise of character is SOCIALISM ITSELF. In the very nature of things socialism as a system actually breeds more corruption, both individually and in the community. Why is this?

The beginning point of socialistic theories is grounded in a deceptive sophistry. That hard-boiled lie takes the words “assist” or “help” and uses them as a club to steal from a person which he/she has earned. Under the false flag of “compassion” government lawlessly steals from one person to redistribute to others. Predictably, any opposition to this form of government plunder is met with by charges of lack of compassion.

Let’s illustrate it. President Obama pitches for an increase in welfare payments and/or recipients. Our entire system is larded with this style of government, be it Social Security, Food Stamps, Section 9 Housing, etc. This is sold to the American people from the time of FDR (Obama is not the first duplicitous chief) as a form of compassion.

Whose Compassion?

Just whose compassion services the welfare state? The productive citizen from whom the government forcibly takes to give to another? Absolutely not. If it is compassion in the citizen no forcible taking is required. The outlet of compassion is freewill giving, not paying taxes. If the socialists (aka Democrats) deny this, let them cut out the IRS tax code and learn how much compassion really exists.

Is it compassion on President Obama’s part? Not at all. No compassion for the poor exists in strong arm agent of the government who shakes down, with threat of prison, the working man to hand over earned dollars and cents to give to another. Forcing my neighbor to give his/her earnings to my other neighbor does in no way constitute compassion on my part.

For me to call this compassion is deception in its rawest form. But the above scenario is the very definition of socialism.  It is next to impossible to maintain any godly standard of morals or individual character when society has deceptively re-written its lexicon of definitions.

It is on the above understanding that the 19th century French economist, statesman, and author Frederic Bastiat wrote, “It is impossible to introduce into society any greater change and a greater evil than this: the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder. What are the consequences of such a perversion? … In the first place, it erases from everyone’s conscience the distinction between justice and injustice.”

He was talking about socialism as the great evil. This is where we are in America. The socialistic system is a grave evil precisely because it must plunder by force the private property of the producer to begin. This in turn is justified by a deception in which the face of THEFT is masked by COMPASSIONATE GIVING. Corruption is bred into the system.

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