A NATION’S ERASURE…Where is the USA?  0 (0)

John L. Kachelman, Jr. 


A failed nation is the consequence of the citizen’s complacency. A corrupt nation is the product of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. A nation’s erasure is the Divine’s judgment on the population bowing submissively and surrendering their inalienable rights to a totalitarian group 

It is a CHOICE of the citizens. 


An undeniable, historical fact is that there is a constant rerun in civilization’s chronicles—nations rise and fall because of the citizen population. Once the citizens resign their individual rights and freedoms, then the nation’s foundations crack and crumble. 

It is a CHOICE of the citizens. 


When the citizens choose silence over common sense questioning; when the citizens relinquish all choices to the State and render foolish compliance to the inanest mandates; when the body politic is run by authorities viewing themselves as elitists —a nation’s erasure is an absolute consequence. The formula is absolute. IF a nation does ______ THEN national calamity results.  

It is a CHOICE of the citizens. 


The history of the national rise and fall of World Empires has a constant factor—the citizens did nothing. They chose to allow the decline of the national conscience and urged the national consciousness to be desensitized. They sat in silence while their nation imploded within from corruption in the highest levels of governing and accepted the fall as the enemy outside completed the nation’s destruction. This is a true fact. It is an absolute fact. It can be denied, but it cannot be evaded. It may be forestalled but its inevitability is certain. 


An illustration of this is the lament of an Old Testament prophet who witnessed the fall of the once proud city of Jerusalem. The national demise followed the historic pattern. The national fall was the choice of the citizens! The prophet lamented, 

“How lonely sits the city that once had many people! She has become like a widow who was once great among the nations! She who was a princess among the provinces has become a forced laborer! She has no one to comfort her…All who pursued her have overtaken her in the midst of distress…it is bitter for her…her adversaries have become her masters…her splendor is gone…Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?” (Jeremiah’s Lamentations, The Bible) 


The fall was the CHOICE of the citizens. Listen again to the prophet’s heartbreaking query asked to those marching through the ruins of the once great nation, “Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?” 

IF the nation’s citizens become complacent, the political leaders become corrupt, and all personal liberties are surrendered to totalitarian mandates, THEN national erasure is assured! 


The Erasure of Germany  


The historic erasure of a great nation from a recent time is the failed nation of Germany. The nation’s citizens surrendered to the controlling Politicians and disaster was ignited. The extremism of Germany’s political forces resulted in the nation’s erasure. As one notes, “Germany died with the 2nd World War, that is the tragic truth, and although the German nation continues to exist, what the German people lost with the war goes far beyond the obvious material and human losses.” 


The Erasure of Russia 


Volumes validate the erasure of Russia as a great nation. Once vying for the number one spot of “World Empire,” the national fall has been a historic rerun of this article’s thesis. The amazing fall of the USSR was the product of a number of factors eventually bringing the dissolution. The fragmentation of that one World Power continues today as its Elite Rulers attempt to crush the opposition. If you want a clear illustration of how a Police State functions, look at the current affairs in Russia. The most prominent opposition figure to Vladimir Putin, Alexei Navalny, has been found guilty of fraud and contempt of court. The charges are validated ONLY by the State’s Prosecution and intended only to silence the most vocal opposition. Not surprising is the State’s verdict that such opposition deserves nine-years in prison! The intimidation tactic is well communicated to others thinking of opposition. 


The reality of a POLICE STATE persecuting its critics is amply illustrated. Another account of Russia’s far-reaching intimidation is supplied by the mysterious death of a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin in Washington’s West End. This is drawing fury from some of the Kremlin’s best-known global detractors — but scant notice in Washington, where police say they do not suspect foul play was behind Dan Rapoport’s fall from a luxury apartment building on the night of August 14. 


The Erasure of the United States of America 


Our great nation cannot escape the inevitability of the historic constant. The historic constant is undeniable: IF the nation’s citizens become complacent, the political leaders become corrupt, and all personal liberties are surrendered to totalitarian mandates, THEN national erasure is assured! 


Numerous articles are available highlighting the national catastrophe about to erupt. This cataclysm has been in the making for decades and in recent years the inevitability has become a juggernaut. As a nation we are rushing pell-mell into oblivion as a “great” nation. Following the script for national erasure, we now see opposition threatened with sham investigations instigated by corrupt POLS and sanctioned by compromised justice. Invasion of private property is justified with manufactured reasoning. There is no objective truth in the accusations. The reality of living in a POLICE STATE that punishes opposition without due process and ignores flagrant crimes, is visible. We are now reaching the point of no-return. 


Where are We in the United States of America? 


There is hope of rescue. Surely not everyone in the governmental positions is complicit in the evil committed in the name of law and justice. Surely not every law enforcement agent in the Federal, State and Local agencies is compromised. There are those in positions who can step forward and speak out. These have information and can validate the unconstitutional evil seeking to destroy our nation. It is time for these “whistleblowers” to come forward and expose the rampant corruption, illegality, evil schemes and subversive people seeking to undermine our freedom. We implore these to become heroes and save our nation. You have the data! Realize your opportune position. 


There is justice being meted. A constant of history is that eventually Justice is meted to the individuals. In fascist Germany, in totalitarian USSR, and throughout civilization this is a never-changing fact. Eventually ALL involved in the national demise and dissolution will be exposed and punished. 


So…if you are imbedded in the corruption, NOW is the time to stand up and speak out while you still have the opportunity to save yourself from the disaster coming! We are witnessing a trickle of those brave enough to expose the evil, but we need the trickle to become a flood! Exposure and justice are inevitable. 


The Answer is in YOUR Hands 


A fable from ancient China discusses the wisest man on earth. No one could confuse him. He knew all answers. Two boys decided on a plan to stump the man. One put a small bird (or butterfly) in his hand and put his hands behind his back. They decided to ask the wise man if the bird was alive or dead. Whatever answer was given they would either kill or keep alive the bird and so thwart the wise man’s reply. They approached the wise man, asked the question and were ready to follow the cunning plan. When asked the question the man wisely replied, “The answer is in your hands.” 


Citizens of the United States of America…Jeremiah asks you to look at the dissolution of your nation asking yourselves, “Is it nothing to all you who pass this way?” The fable reminds us of the inexcusable fact “The answer is in your hands.” 


WHO will step forward and expose the corruption, illegalities and compromises plaguing our nation and fueling its erasure? WHO will have the courage to be a bold heroic figure standing up for the Constitutional principles and against the autocratic Elite who presume a privileged ruling status? “The answer is in YOUR hands”? 

Political Intimidation: The Control by Totalitarian Pols with an Evil Tactic 0 (0)

John L. Kachelman, Jr

Political intimidation is the one control restricting personal liberties and bolstering totalitarianism. It was once the theme of spy thrillers. No longer is this tacit fiction. Fiction has become fact. There is now a daily serving of an operational tactic once restricted to the Communist Overlords. This totalitarianism was framed on 8 August 2022 when over 30 plain clothes agents from the Southern District of Florida and the FBI’s Washington Field Office took control of President Trump’s home.

The operational tactic of political intimidation is documented. Threats, persecutions, and even murder are visible. Jackbooted thuggery marches in our streets. And, there seems to be little remorse as political intimidation threatens our Republic.

A diabolical history
Joseph Stalin mastered political intimidation as a control over his political opponents in the USSR. Stalin’s playbook was perfectly executed in the infiltration, subterfuge and murder used on January 6, 2022. And the diabolical tactic continues as the J6 protestors remain unconstitutionally imprisoned.


A present practice
We have been advised by the DEMS/Progressives/RINOS that lists are being made and reprisals are assured. We are told that re-education is needed for those with conservative positions.
This tactic is examined in an article titled “The Trump Accountability Project.” Author Anton Lupan provides analysis and details of the Stalinist tactics of intimidation and control.
“Communist dictator Joseph Stalin once said, ‘The greatest delight is to mark one’s enemy, prepare everything, avenge oneself thoroughly, and then go to sleep.’
Sadly, it appears many on the left share the communist dictator’s execrable love of revenge…
“Making ‘lists’ of political enemies is nothing new in history, as we know from the Soviet Union. Stalin, of course, never stopped with keeping track of names. He eventually took steps to torture, imprison, and terminate his enemies.
“Making these types of lists is never acceptable in a democratic society. It’s not just creepy and disgusting, it’s dangerous and downright evil.”

What other purpose can such thuggish threats serve other than scaring good people away from serving their country?
Here is a troubling summary: “After six years of investigations, harassment, leaks and conspiracies the wicked DC establishment has yet to uncover ONE SINGLE ACT that President Trump took that broke US law.” And yet the harassing, political intimidation by the DEMS/RINOS/PROGRESSIVES continues!

It is past time for the citizens of the USA to accept the accuracy of these words describing today’s political intimidation. Such “is never acceptable in a democratic society. It’s not just creepy and disgusting, it’s dangerous and downright evil.”
Adding analysis to the evil in this tactic is a source from the radical progressive side…

How Political Bullying and Intimidation Work — “The Emotional Toll of Public Bullying and Political Intimidation,” the focus was on the experience of the sheer power and psychological effects of bullying in general and public bullying and political intimidation in particular…public bullying works as a concrete method and set of political tools.
Preemptive attacks are a game of pure power; they are all the more terrifying in that they appear unmotivated by virtue of being so unexpected. In the current…onslaught, it is crucial to remember that such attacks are without apparent meaning other than conserving their power and advantage, destabilizing and defeating opponents, and destroying…social protections… power is its own justification…in Washington and statehouses these assaults are profoundly nihilistic…Such aggressors stand beyond any appeal and are unreachable except perhaps through fear and their sense of self-preservation. This is politics at its most raw.

New World Green Climate Religion Threatens Christianity 0 (0)

Bill Lockwood 


Many Christians have been oblivious that the United States, operating through the United Nations, is seeking to replace Christianity, upon which our nation was founded, by a new GREEN religion. That religion is Environmentalism and its preachers, including our president, Joe Biden, have declared a Climate Emergency. That demands that you pay homage to it with your “donations”—tax dollars.  


If one does not think that the Environmental movement is a religion, consider just a smattering of recent facts—among many others which can be brought forward. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) stated on November 12, 2019, that we are “to believe in Climate Change as though it’s a religion, it’s not a science.” That’s right–a religion, not science.  


At the Climate Realist Conference, an alternative to the United Nations Climate Conference in Madrid (2019), many world-class scientists compared the new Green Deal of Climate Alarmism to a religion, a cult.  


This included MIT Meteorologist Richard Lindzen, Dr. Ivstan Marko, a chemistry professor at the Catholic University, and others. Marko called the Climate Crusaders of the Democratic Party globalists a “climate cult” that has developed a “dangerous theology.”  


“It’s a new religion going on,” Marko explained. But the most interesting scientist was William Happer, the renown Princeton physicist, who spoke of the “non-existent climate emergency.” He hopes that “enough people will recognize the phoniness of this bizarre environmental cult and bring it to an end.”  


The problem, says Happer, is that there has been so much brainwashing done that it will be very difficult to bring people back to their senses. Christians, beware.  

Government Should Begin Liquidating Its Assets 0 (0)

Bill Lockwood 


The current debt crisis brings to the fore some basic common sense principles. In the case of families and/or individuals that are drowning in debt, unable to fulfill financial obligations, financial counseling involves liquidating assets.  Ironically, the government itself would demand this of private citizens. After all, the government wishes us to be solvent enough to pay taxes.  Likewise, Uncle Sam, racking up the debt to 30+ trillion dollars, should be urged to sell its assets—unconstitutionally held land measuring up to 75% of the western states.  


The Constitution 


Article 1, section 8, clause 17 of the Constitution provides the right to Congress to exercise authority over public lands purchased within the various states. What the Constitution does not allow is the wholesale confiscation of vast territories of the west and barring private ownership. If the federal government is serious about relieving the debt crisis it will sell off to private American investors the millions of acres of National Forests and Bureau of Land Management tracts. Consider the following.  


First, the states themselves were to retain title and usage of all lands within its boundaries unless for the specified purposes listed in the Constitution, namely, the “erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards and other needful buildings.”  What about vast corridors of wilderness locked away from private ownership by the feds in the name of “protecting the environment?”  Not there. What about massive federal stakes in the west? Not constitutional.  


Second, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 required that all new states coming within the jurisdiction of the United States would be inducted on the basis of equality.  Citizens of such territories therefore should have retained title to all lands except for purposes specified in the Constitution.  If the Federal Government had wished to acquire lands for those purposes, payment would be given to the states. Every acre of land therefore, belongs to the states unless purchased by Washington, D.C.  


Third, when Ohio was admitted into the Union in 1803, the government unconstitutionally retained title to all public lands.  It had planned to “pay off” the national debt with the sell of those lands, promising to expedite this process as quickly as possible. Promises. Promises. 


Fourth, when the territories of the western states later came into the Union from Mexico, Congress refused to sell the vast tracts of those lands. The result is that today, more than 75% of the territory of the western states is owned and managed by the federal government—inclusive of Indian reservations. Wilderness areas, national forests, national parks and other federally managed properties make up federally held lands.  


Excluding Indian reservations, the federal government ought to begin liquidating its land assets of the west to private American investors and citizens. This would not only show honor to the Constitution, but be a sober effort to relieve Biden’s monstrous spending problem. For, as we all know, when one is required by circumstances to liquidate his holdings, he will be more careful with his future spending. To ignore this simple solution while bumping up the debt limit shows no real effort to curb the problem now, nor come to grips with spending in the future.  

America a Christian Nation 0 (0)

By Bill Lockwood:

When our Founding Fathers referred to this nation, as “Christian Nation,” as did John Jay, one of authors of Federalist Papers, they did not intend that this be understood in the sense that an official church had been established, or that a “Theocracy” was in place, but rather that the principles upon which our republic rests were Christian in origin. Benjamin Morris, a second-generation American, in surveying the mass of material on this topic, summarized:

“Christianity is the principle and all-pervading element, the deepest and most solid foundation, of all our civil institutions. It is the religion of the people—the national religion; but we have neither an established church nor an established religion.”

Some of founders even referred to America as a “Christian Republic.” That generation demonstrated this by the fact that they Morris adorned public buildings with biblical symbols such as Moses crossing Red Sea; or Moses holding tablets of stone carved on the building of the Supreme Court; or the even state papers of the Continental Congress that are filled with Christianity.

One of the formative laws of the United States is the Declaration of Independence, which reads more like a theological statement to the secularists of today. Our republic posited that rights come from God and that the single role of government is to protect what God gave us, inclusive of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Republic itself is an outgrowth of Christian principles.


Roger Sherman, from Connecticut, one of the most influential of the founders, having signed not only the Declaration of Independence, but the Articles of Confederation as well as the
Constitution. He wrote to Samuel Baldwin in 1790 that “his faith in the new republic was largely because he felt it was founded on Christianity as he understood it.”

Joseph Story, a jurist who served on the Supreme Court during the founding era and wrote the first lengthy Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, commented as follows:

Probably at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, and of the amendment to it now under consideration, the general, if not the universal sentiment was, that Christianity ought to receive encouragement from the state, so far as was not incompatible with the private rights of conscience and the freedom of religious worship. An attempt to level all religions, and to make it a matter of state policy to hold all in utter indifference, would have created universal disapprobation, if not universal indignation.

The Supreme Court in numerous cases has referred to this as “A Christian Nation.” Most notable is the 1892 case entitled The Church of the Holy Trinity v. The United States. Here the Court packed its decision with a litany of precedents from American history to establish “this is a religious people, … this is a Christian Nation.”


Now it is Different

When speaking of the Bible, one denominational church manual reads, “Now it is different.” Sadly, so it is in the teaching of the founding of America, the Constitution itself, and American civics in general.

Modern Americans have become so ill-educated and misinformed on the subject at hand that even universities and professorships, endowed with tax dollars, argue vehemently against America being conceived as a “Christian nation.” They trumpet loudly that this is a “secular state” and has been from the beginning.

In 2009, for example, the church of Christ where I preach hosted a “Christianity and the Constitution” public seminar, featuring various speakers, establishing that America was designed as a “Christian nation.” Objections by letters to the editor appeared in the local paper, The Times Record News of Wichita Falls. One woman wrote:

…the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution were clearly written as secular documents, with not a single mention of Jesus or the word Christian … [I]t is a fact that the major players in the production of the federal documents were steeped in the Enlightenment: deists, humanists, Masons, and skeptics … [emp. added]

She went on to say that we had “presented discredited information” and “tortured” history to establish the claim that America was a Christian nation.

In answer to that letter, I included the following:

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (cited in the US Supreme Court case [of 1892, mentioned above] said that “Christianity is and always has been a part of the common law.” … The Supreme Court of 1844 (Vidal) said, “It is unnecessary for us, … to consider the establishment of a school for college for the propagation of Judaism or Deism or any other form of infidelity. Such a case is not to be presumed to exist in a Christian country.”

It was also noted in response that Noah Webster, who helped ratify our Constitution, wrote that the source of our republican principles “is the Bible, particularly the New Testament or Christian religion.”

Concluding, I added that regarding to “deists” by whom our nation was supposedly founded, that at the time of the Constitutional Convention deists were not even allowed to hold public office! An actual listing of the religious preferences of the delegates to the Constitutional convention of 1787 shows that 55 declared themselves Christians while only 3 called themselves deists. That is about 5%.


Nathan Jun of MSU

After the above exchange in the paper, Dr. Nathan Jun of Midwestern State University came in to help out the secular cause. He wrote:

In response to Bill Lockwood’s April 21 letter: The First Amendment of the Constitution states that ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion …’ Both conventional approaches to interpreting the ‘establishment clause’ – the separationist as well as the more conservative accommodationist approach—strictly preclude any implicit or explicit religious preferences on the part of the Constitution or Congress.

The United States of America is most certainly not a ‘Christian’ nation, and this is a basic and uncontroversial principle of constitutional law. Whether or not a preponderance of the founders of this country were Christians, moreover, is wholly irrelevant. The government they founded is and has been secular in principle, if not always in spirit. The antiquated, anti-Semitic Supreme Court decision that Mr. Lockwood cited (instead of, say, the Constitution) says nothing about the fundamental character of our system of government. It does, however, say an awful lot about Mr. Lockwood and, perhaps, about his particular brand of Christianity—at least to this non-Christian.

The errors in Dr. Jun’s statement are so numerous that it is only possible to note the highlights, which I did in a following letter to the editor.

Dr. Jun: sir, your philosophy is woefully misinformed. The 1st Amendment, according to James Madison, merely forbids the federal government from establishing a ‘national church.’ No one then, nor do I, wish to have an official state church. However, that is far different from speaking of our Christian nation in the sense of recognizing Christian principles being imbedded within its framework and forming the underpinning of our society. As Patrick Henry put it, this nation ‘was founded upon the gospel of Jesus Christ.’ Joseph Story, appointed by Madison to the Supreme Court, said, ‘we do not attribute this prohibition of a national religious establishment to an indifference to religion in general, and especially to Christianity … an attempt to level all religions and to make it a matter of state policy to hold all in utter indifference would have created universal disapprobation …’

I suppose that these men are too antiquated to know what they are talking about land need modernists from Universities to straighten them out. Not a Christian nation? ‘Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege … of our Christian nation to select Christians as their rulers’ (John Jay, 1st chief justice of the Supreme Court).

Next, I only mentioned that the Founders were Christians in answer to another letter which opined that this country was founded by a bunch of deists and secular humanists—not as proof of a Christian nation. You missed that point as well.

Third, to cavalierly dismiss as ‘anti-Semitic’ the 1892 Supreme Court decision which identified us as a Christian nation bespeaks of dep-seated prejudice by Dr. Jun and a fundamental lack of understanding about the roots of America. It is extremely sad that our tax dollars support this type of radical expression.

In truth, the fact that this was established as a Christian nation infuriates the secularists in our country. Perhaps they ought to be thankful that the only “accommodation” that America made was to the irreligious, allowing them to live freely in a Christian nation without forcing them to support a state-sponsored church.

I am certain that if these professors, of which Dr. Nathan Jun is only one, who personally publishes an “Abolish the Police” signature on his Facebook page, were to live in a Muslim country, they might have a different perspective.

After the above public exchange, I contacted Dr. Jun by email in an effort to engage in a public discussion on Christianity in general. But his contempt for Christianity apparently knows no bounds as he tartly replied, “do not ever contact me again.”

So much for a free society where ideas can be exchanged openly in gentlemanly fashion.

We’re Changing People’s Lives! 0 (0)

By: Bill Lockwood

“We’re changing people’s lives!” President Joe Biden was practically trembling when he bellowed out his old-man tight-lipped trembling defense of his reckless unconstitutional spending bills.

Biden was referring to two large spending bills in his speech to AFL-CIO members last week. The first spending bill was the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act which Democrats passed last year without Republican support, and last year’s $1.2 trillion “infrastructure bill.”

Critics have pointed out that Biden is indeed “changing people’s lives”—for the worst. With record high inflation, with wages in the jobs market driven down by open borders, with an open warfare against the fossil fuel industry that has given us all-time high prices at the gasoline pump—Biden has indeed “changed lives.”

But let’s take Biden at his word–an extremely naïve thing to do considering his lack of character—and assume he is indeed “improving people’s lives.” What is actually occurring? Break it down.

The president sounds like any pulpit-thumping preacher doesn’t he? The message is seemingly the same. Emphasis upon the word “seemingly.”


Socialism has an iron fist hidden within the velvet glove. When I preach in the church about changing people’s lives—if we are talking about giving money for benevolence-type work such as giving to a food bank or contributing for the poor—I am depending upon the persuasiveness of the message itself.

In other words, if I insist that our missionaries in South Africa or Ukraine are needing financing in order to operate a soup kitchen, I can be fervent to encourage the coffers to grow. If people are not persuaded that these are pressing causes, or if there are more pressing causes to which they would rather give, then the collection basket is light. Or, if they wish not to give, that is their decision. The decision-making is left to the people.

What does government do? By the unconstitutional “confiscation—redistribution” program of socialism, there is not choice by taxpayers. Freedom is gone. But more.

Totalitarian thinking has so pickled the minds and judgments of politicians in our socialistic quagmire, that old man Joe can actually brag about using our money to do what HE wants to do—and brag about it.


No, Joe. You are not “changing people’s lives.” The American taxpayers are and you are just using your illegally-obtained power to make us do it. There is no “WE” are changing people’s lives.

If I am a school principal and use my authority to force a child to split his lunch with a child who has none, it comes with poor grace for me to pat the sullen child on the back and say, “See there? We just fed the hungry!”

No, Mr. Principal, if you split your lunch with the needy and I of my own accord followed your example to also share with the needy—then you can say, “We fed the hungry!”

To be accurate, what Joe should have said was, I (and the lawless Democrats) have used unconstitutional force to make you pony-up the money to “change people’s lives.” Now don’t you feel better?

Bill Lockwood: Ridin’ With Biden Into a Recession 4.5 (2)

by Bill Lockwood

It is curious to hear the frequent refrain that Biden’s Presidency is a dismal failure. It is a simple formula that demonstrates this, it seems. Whether it be open borders to a massive invasion of our country; the accompanying huge expansion of the welfare state; the crushing high energy prices; the transference of our sovereignty to global bodies such as the World Economic Forum and World Health Organizations—every yardstick of measurement appears to indicate disaster for our nation.

But you are not thinking like Biden and the Democrats. All these indicators only point to a disaster because we are using the wrong measuring rod. Biden is not a failure. He is tremendously successful at doing what he promised to do. The Biden presidency is faithfully fulfilling what the script of the global elitists have written and what the insane world of academia has demanded for years.

At a Japanese Press conference this week the President stated it plainly. “When it comes to gas prices, we’re going through an incredible transition that is taking place that … when it’s over, we’ll be strong and the world will be stronger and less reliant on fossil fuels when this is over.”

Highest prices of gasoline, shortages of food and medical supplies, shortages of baby formula, consistent downturns in the market, and the looming inevitable recession that is being forecast by Wall Street executives–these are all part of the “transition” period to force Americans onto Green Energy.

Should we be surprised? Biden promised over and again during his campaign for president that the reliance of Americans on fossil fuels was what he intended to end.

The Global Existential “Threat” of Climate Change has been the single message of the socialist bully pulpit for at least two decades. It is the single mechanism in their playbook in order to transform America into a socialistic nation, controlled by world bodies.

Americans must be forced to move away from a carbon-based, oil-producing economy in order to “save the planet” from extinction. Freedom and liberty be hanged. We all are going to be required to bow the knee to the globalist doctrine of Climate Change, suffer the consequences, and be happy. That’s an order.

You will all be Ridin’ with Biden and you will like it. But you will ride with him on electric power only, so you will need to charge up every once in a while and suffer blackouts on the electric grid. It is for your own good.

It might be suggested that Biden surely would not do this, knowing that this program of American decline is extremely unpopular. We are seeing it in his poll numbers. After all, another election is on the horizon.

Is American that slow to learn? The last election had compromised integrity and the results are still questionable, to say the least. If you doubt that, watch Dinesh D’Souza’s movie 2000 Mules. It confirms what our instincts told us. Unpopularity of a president is insignificant in a country where the integrity of elections has disappeared. We will “ride with Biden” into the ditch of societal collapse.

Our only hope is that liberty-minded, strong Constitutionalists will take the wheel and steer a better course, and soon.

Bill Lockwood: Student Loan Debt: How Socialism Distorts Sound Reasoning 4 (1)

by Bill Lockwood

One of many reasons to oppose the philosophy of socialism, which has its tentacles wrapped around America, is that it distorts one’s thinking. Being engulfed in it for longer periods, as Americans have been for many decades, makes it doubly-hard to rehabilitate the reasoning process. Consider Student Loan Debt, which Democratic leaders have long pressed for, and Joe Biden is now contemplating.

Outstanding Student Loan Debt in America for 2020 is approximately $1.75 Trillion, which breaks down to about $40k average amount per borrower. Statistics also show that 43% of all college attendees have taken on debt, this includes money loaned through federal and private lenders. Biden’s socialistic plan is to “cancel” this student debt, which really means, shifting the burden of loan debt onto the backs of the American taxpayers.

Reasoning Processes Short-Circuited

To see how any type of socialism, including “forgiveness” of student loan debts, actually short-circuits the reasoning process, think on this. I recently reposted a picture on Facebook that mimicked the fact that the modern generation is “drowning in student loan debt” while at the same time spending their money on “Starbucks, Useless Majors, Cable TV, New I-Phones, Tattoos, Gucci and Cocaine.

That highlighted what are the undeniable facts of a large percentage of collegiate students today while opposing the Biden plan. One person replied that that post is “kind of making assumptions.” In answer, I simply went to the heart of the matter. “It is wrong and sinful to steal from some and give to others.”

Further, many of the degrees now obtained by Generation Z are worthless from the practical standpoint of making an honest living. Assuming the Democrat plan comes to fruition, hardworking blue-collar laborers such as welders, truck drivers, and machinists, who wisely skipped the “collegiate route” for their occupations, are now being forced to pay off those huge loans for the millennials who frittered away their loans with “Anthropology” or “Ethnic and Civilization Studies” degrees.

Now comes the interesting part. My Facebook respondent retorted: “Your posts are not speaking with God’s love! … Not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouths. If they can’t afford to pay that loan back, tell me what should they do?”

The answer is simple, I responded. “No doubt people have burdens that they cannot carry alone. However, your solution should be, ‘I (my name), will personally assist you.’ How can you say, ‘No, I am going to empower my government to forcibly take it from my neighbor, Bill Lockwood, and that’s how it will be paid back.” I could not help but add, “And for you to lecture any of us who object to Government theft and redistribution by saying, ‘you need more love of God’—comes with poor grace.”

Just to be clear here. If any of the socialist-liberals today wish to select a college student and voluntarily help them pay off student loans. Go for it. That is God’s love. But to support an unconstitutional move that utilizes dictatorial government power to shift the burden of financial responsibility onto the backs of other people without their consent—that is not Christian.

This is the stuff of which dictators are made. Socialistic force has nothing to do with the love of God.

Apparently, this particular respondent got the point regarding force. “You’re right. No one should be forced to do for others.” But blindness remains, for big government force is still the answer to these types of liberals.

It would be good to remember here the maxim reputed to have come from George Washington: Government is not reason, it is not eloquence,–it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.”

Alex Newman: Biblical Worldview & Christian Education: Real & Fake 4 (1)

by Alex Newman

A biblical worldview is becoming increasingly rare in America and that is in large part due to the education system, explained Nehemiah Institute founder and chief Dan Smithwick in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Smithwick, who developed the PEERS test to understand worldview, has been studying this subject for decades. And he found that some Christian schools do far better than others in instilling a biblical worldview in students. Smithwick said churches and preachers must address this crisis immediately.


NA: https://thenewamerican.com/biblical-worldview-christian-education-real-fake/

Alex Newman is a senior editor of The New American, author of the new book Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes, and coauthor (with the late Sam Blumenfeld) of Crimes of the Educators.

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